Spain has been home to longest literary traditions of the Western Hemisphere. It has been the birthplace of numerous noted and fabled writers for centuries. Interestingly, literature in Spain is broadly divided into two categories – works by Spanish in Spanish and works by Spanish but in English. Though in both types the writers are from Spain, their medium of articulating thoughts and beliefs are different. Had it been some decades ago and people would have been ignorant of the greatness of the first type, but thanks to the translation industry, today, readers are enriched with global literature from international writers and authors. Talking about Spanish writers in general, there have been some of the greatest and supremely talented writers from the region. Names like Miguel de Cervantes, Federico Gracia Lorca, Camilo Jose Cela, Javier Marias, Ana Maria Matute and Carlos Ruiz Zafon do ring a bell in the minds of reading aficionados and book lovers. But that is not all, for the country is home to many more prolific and gifted writers whose magic with the pen results in crafting of some of the most compelling stories and narratives. With this section, explore in details about the life and works of Spanish writers. Their storytelling technique will leave you hungry for more!
Miguel de CervantesMiguel de Cervantes

29 September 1547

George SantayanaGeorge Santayana

16 December 1863

Miguel de UnamunoMiguel de Unamuno

29 September 1864

Rafael AlbertiRafael Alberti

16 December 1902

Elvira LindoElvira Lindo

23 January 1962

Luis BuñuelLuis Buñuel

22 February 1900

Isidore of SevilleIsidore of Seville

0560 AD

Carlos Ruiz ZafónCarlos Ruiz Zafón

25 September 1964

Yann MartelYann Martel

25 June 1963

José Ortega y GassetJosé Ortega y Gasset

09 May 1883

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Vincent FerrerVincent Ferrer

23 January 1350

Alfonso X of CastileAlfonso X of Castile

23 November 1221

Lope de VegaLope de Vega

25 November 1562

José Antonio Primo de RiveraJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera

24 April 1903


01 March 0040

Felipe GonzálezFelipe González

05 March 1942

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Antonio MachadoAntonio Machado

26 July 1875

Arturo Pérez-ReverteArturo Pérez-Reverte

1951 AD

Carlos SauraCarlos Saura

04 January 1932

Ferdinand ColumbusFerdinand Columbus

15 August 1488

Gustavo Adolfo BécquerGustavo Adolfo Bécquer

17 February 1836

Seneca the ElderSeneca the Elder

0054 BC

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Elena PoniatowskaElena Poniatowska

19 May 1932

Joan Manuel SerratJoan Manuel Serrat

27 December 1943

Sven HasselSven Hassel

19 April 1917

Francisco de QuevedoFrancisco de Quevedo

14 September 1580

Joaquín SabinaJoaquín Sabina

12 February 1949

Juan Ramón JiménezJuan Ramón Jiménez

24 December 1881

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Javier MaríasJavier Marías

20 September 1951

Ibn TufailIbn Tufail

1105 AD

Bernardino de SahagúnBernardino de Sahagún

1499 AD

Ernesto SabatoErnesto Sabato

24 June 1911

Sergio AragonésSergio Aragonés

06 September 1937

Abraham ibn EzraAbraham ibn Ezra

1089 AD

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Louis BlancLouis Blanc

29 October 1811

Benjamin of TudelaBenjamin of Tudela

Luis de GóngoraLuis de Góngora

11 July 1561

Benito Pérez GaldósBenito Pérez Galdós

10 May 1843

Emilia Pardo BazánEmilia Pardo Bazán

16 September 1851

Pedro PaternoPedro Paterno

17 February 1857

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Santiago SeguraSantiago Segura

17 July 1965

Ana María MatuteAna María Matute

26 July 1925

Catalina de ErausoCatalina de Erauso

1592 AD

Rosalía de CastroRosalía de Castro

24 February 1837

Luis de LeónLuis de León

1527 AD

José de EsproncedaJosé de Espronceda

25 March 1808

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Tirso de MolinaTirso de Molina

24 March 1579

Fernando ArrabalFernando Arrabal

11 August 1932

Vicente AleixandreVicente Aleixandre

26 April 1898

Ramón del Valle-InclánRamón del Valle-Inclán

28 October 1866

Vicente Blasco IbáñezVicente Blasco Ibáñez

29 January 1867

Pío BarojaPío Baroja

28 December 1872

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Fernando TruebaFernando Trueba

18 January 1955


1014 AD

Jacinto BenaventeJacinto Benavente

12 August 1866

Mariano José de LarraMariano José de Larra

24 March 1809

Juan Carlos OnettiJuan Carlos Onetti

01 July 1909

Juan GoytisoloJuan Goytisolo

05 January 1931

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Guillermo Cabrera InfanteGuillermo Cabrera Infante

22 April 1929

Mercè RodoredaMercè Rodoreda

10 October 1908

Albert EspinosaAlbert Espinosa

05 November 1973

José de AnchietaJosé de Anchieta

19 March 1534

Juan Antonio BayonaJuan Antonio Bayona

09 May 1975

Ibn BajjahIbn Bajjah

1095 AD

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Baltasar GracianBaltasar Gracian

08 January 1601

Marcus Annaeus LucanusMarcus Annaeus Lucanus

0039 AD

Joseba SarrionandiaJoseba Sarrionandia

13 April 1958

Lucía EtxebarríaLucía Etxebarría

07 December 1966

Garcilaso de la VegaGarcilaso de la Vega

06 February 1501

Miguel MoraytaMiguel Morayta

15 August 1907

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Matilde CamusMatilde Camus

26 September 1919

Baltasar Gracián y MoralesBaltasar Gracián y Morales

08 January 1601

Màrius TorresMàrius Torres

30 August 1910

Pedro Calderon de la BarcaPedro Calderon de la Barca

17 January 1600

Tomàs MolinaTomàs Molina

26 September 1963

Álex de la IglesiaÁlex de la Iglesia

04 December 1965

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John of ÁvilaJohn of Ávila

06 January 1500

Teresa of ÁvilaTeresa of Ávila

28 March 1515