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 1 Amar Bose

Amar Bose
Famous As: Entrepreneur
Birthdate: November 2, 1929
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Died: July 12, 2013

Amar Bose was an American academic, entrepreneur, sound engineer, and electrical engineer. Bose served as a professor at MIT for more than 45 years. He is also credited with founding a manufacturing company called Bose Corporation where he served as the chairman. In 2008, Amar Bose was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. 

 2 Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey
Famous As: CEO of Twitter
Birthdate: November 19, 1976
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

As the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey continues to influence the lives of millions around the world. Also a well-known philanthropist, Dorsey is credited with funding 600 public school projects in Missouri. A prolific donator, Jack Dorsey has donated $24 million as part of various relief efforts. He also donated $10 million to Boston University.

 3 Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim
Famous As: Co-Founder of YouTube
Birthdate: October 28, 1979
Birthplace: Merseburg, Germany

Jawed Karim is an American Internet entrepreneur and software engineer. Karim is credited with co-founding one of the most popular online video-sharing platforms, YouTube. He is also credited with uploading the first YouTube video named Me at the zoo. During his time working at PayPal, Jawed Karim had designed many of the company's core components, such as its anti-Internet-fraud system.

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 4 Jack Kilby

Jack Kilby
Famous As: Inventor of integrated circuit
Birthdate: November 8, 1923
Birthplace: Jefferson City
Died: June 20, 2005

Nobel Prize-winning engineer Jack Kilby is best remembered for his contribution to the development of the integrated circuit. Born to an electrical engineer, he had his first brush with gadgets as an amateur radio operator. Initially a Texas Instruments employee, he later also taught at the Texas A&M University.

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 5 Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman
Famous As: Co-founder of the Reddit
Birthdate: November 12, 1983
Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan, United States
Steve Huffman, the CEO and co-founder of Reddit, is also known as spez, his Reddit username. He is also the co-founder of the now-defunct travel search engine Hipmunk. Named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list, Steve supports net neutrality. He has often been accused of promoting racism on Reddit.

 6 Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng
Famous As: CEO of Tencent
Birthdate: October 29, 1971
Birthplace: Chaoyang, Shantou

Chinese business magnate Ma Huateng, or Pony Ma, is best known as the founder, chairman, and CEO of the technology giant Tencent. His company owns the messaging app WeChat. One of CEOWORLD’s Most Powerful People in the World, he was a delegate of the 12th National People's Congress.

 7 Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson
Famous As: Engineer, Guitarist, Audio engineer, Singer, Songwriter, Record producer
Birthdate: November 3, 1967
Birthplace: Hemel Hempstead
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 8 Lisa Su

Lisa Su
Famous As: Entrepreneur
Birthdate: November 7, 1969
Birthplace: Tainan, Taiwan

Born in Taiwan, Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, moved to the US at age 3. Lisa eventually earned a PhD in electrical engineering from MIT. Named to the Forbes America’s Self-Made Women 2020 list, she is also the first woman recipient of the IEEE Robert Noyce Medal.

 9 Ren Zhengfei

Ren Zhengfei
Famous As: CEO of Huawei
Birthdate: October 25, 1944
Birthplace: Zhenning Buyei and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun, China

Ren Zhengfei is a Chinese engineer and entrepreneur. He is credited with founding Huawei, the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones and the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world. He also serves as the CEO of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. In 2005, Ren Zhengfei was named in Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world list.

 10 Gene Haas

Gene Haas
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: November 12, 1952
Birthplace: Youngstown, Ohio, United States

 11 Paul Buchheit

Paul Buchheit
Famous As: Computer Engineer
Birthdate: November 7, 1977
Birthplace: Webster, New York, United States

Paul Buchheit is an American entrepreneur and computer engineer. He is credited with creating Gmail and developing a prototype of Google AdSense. In 2007, he launched FriendFeed, which was later acquired by Facebook. In 2011, Paul Buchheit was honored with the Economist Innovation Award. Also a noted philanthropist, Paul Buchheit has made donations to several health organizations.

 12 Charles K. Kao

Charles K. Kao
Famous As: Electrical Engineer
Birthdate: November 4, 1933
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Died: September 23, 2018

Nobel Prize-winning Chinese physicist Charles K. Kao is best remembered for his discovery of how light is transmitted through fibre-optic cables. Named the Godfather of Broadband, he was also knighted by the U.K. Following his diagnosis of Alzheimer disease, he co-founded the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease.

 13 Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda
Famous As: Businessperson
Birthdate: November 17, 1906
Birthplace: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Died: August 5, 1991

 14 Bill Joy

Bill Joy
Famous As: Computer scientist, co-founded Sun Microsystems
Birthdate: November 8, 1954
Birthplace: Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States

 15 George Barris

George Barris
Famous As: automotive designer
Birthdate: November 20, 1925
Birthplace: Chicago
Died: November 5, 2015

 16 Caglar Ertugrul

Caglar Ertugrul
Famous As: Actor
Birthdate: November 5, 1987
Birthplace: Karşıyaka, İzmir Province İzmir, Turkey

 17 Robin Li

Robin Li
Famous As: Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor, Businessperson, Computer scientist
Birthdate: November 17, 1968
Birthplace: Yangquan

 18 Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu
Famous As: 82nd Governor of New Hampshire
Birthdate: November 5, 1974
Birthplace: Salem, New Hampshire, United States
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 19 Amílcar Cabral

Amílcar Cabral
Famous As: Agricultural engineer and Politician
Birthdate: October 24, 1924
Birthplace: Bafatá, Portuguese Guinea
Died: January 20, 1973

 20 Peter Munk

Peter Munk
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: November 8, 1927
Birthplace: Budapest

Peter Munk was a Hungarian-Canadian investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is credited with founding numerous high-profile business ventures, such as Clairtone Sound Corporation Limited, Barrick Gold Corporation, and TrizecHahn Corporation. He also helped found the Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation which has given away over $300 million to various non-profit organizations that aim at improving the lives of Canadians.

 21 Süleyman Demirel

Süleyman Demirel
Famous As: Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer
Birthdate: November 1, 1924
Birthplace: Isparta Province
Died: June 17, 2015

 22 Herbert Macaulay

Herbert Macaulay
Famous As: Politician who is considered the founder of Nigerian nationalism
Birthdate: November 14, 1864
Birthplace: Lagos Colony, Nigeria
Died: May 7, 1946
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 23 Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley
Famous As: Publisher, Writer
Birthdate: November 8, 1836
Birthplace: Vienna, Maine, United States
Died: May 30, 1911

 24 Chris Sawyer

Chris Sawyer
Famous As: Video game designer, programmer best known for creating Transport Tycoon, which has been considered "one of the most important simulation games ever made"
Birthdate: October 27, 1967
Birthplace: Scotland, United Kingdom

Best known as the developer of Transport Tycoon and the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise, Scottish programmer and video game developer Chris Sawyer is one of the gaming world’s greatest stars and had begun developing games in school. He included inputs from his own hobby of riding rollercoasters in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

 25 Horacio Pagani

Horacio Pagani
Famous As: Businessman, Engineer
Birthdate: November 10, 1955
Birthplace: Casilda, Argentina

 26 Peter Norton

Peter Norton
Famous As: Art collector, Programmer, Computer scientist
Birthdate: November 14, 1943
Birthplace: Aberdeen

 27 Helmuth Koinigg

Helmuth Koinigg
Famous As: Formula One driver, Engineer, Sportsperson
Birthdate: November 3, 1948
Birthplace: Vienna
Died: October 6, 1974

Austrian racing driver Helmuth Koinigg was from an affluent family but struggled to finance his racing dreams initially. He tragically passed away in a deadly crash at age 25, in what was his second Grand Prix start, the 1974 US Grand Prix, when a suspension failure caused him to be decapitated.

 28 Rudy Van Gelder

Rudy Van Gelder
Famous As: Recording engineer
Birthdate: November 2, 1924
Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Died: August 25, 2016

 29 Roy Thomas Baker

Roy Thomas Baker
Famous As: Record producer, Audio engineer, Songwriter
Birthdate: November 10, 1946
Birthplace: Hampstead

 30 Jamie Zawinski

Jamie Zawinski
Famous As: Engineer, Programmer, Nightclub owner, Computer scientist
Birthdate: November 3, 1968
Birthplace: Pittsburgh

 31 Liviu Dragnea

Liviu Dragnea
Famous As: Engineer, Politician
Birthdate: October 28, 1962
Birthplace: Gratia

 32 Harry Ferguson

Harry Ferguson
Famous As: Mechanic
Birthdate: November 4, 1884
Birthplace: Dromore, Northern Ireland
Died: October 25, 1960

Known as the Mad Mechanic, Harry Ferguson was the man behind the invention of the modern tractor, popularly known as the Wee Grey Fergie. He was also the first Irish to build and fly his own plane. His legacy lives on in the Massey Ferguson brand of agricultural machinery.

 33 Arthur Rudolph

Arthur Rudolph
Famous As: Aerospace engineer, Engineer
Birthdate: November 9, 1906
Birthplace: Stepfershausen
Died: January 1, 1996

 34 Andrei Tupolev

Andrei Tupolev
Famous As: Designer
Birthdate: November 10, 1888
Birthplace: Tver Governorate
Died: December 23, 1972

 35 Phil Katz

Phil Katz
Famous As: Programmer, Computer scientist
Birthdate: November 3, 1962
Birthplace: Milwaukee
Died: April 14, 2000

 36 Nick Holonyak

Nick Holonyak
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: November 3, 1928
Birthplace: Zeigler, Illinois, United States

 37 Alexander Lippisch

Alexander Lippisch
Famous As: Aeronautical Engineer
Birthdate: November 2, 1894
Birthplace: Munich, Germany
Died: February 11, 1976

 38 Galileo Ferraris

Galileo Ferraris
Famous As: Former Physicist, known for alternating current, Rotating magnetic field
Birthdate: October 31, 1847
Birthplace: Livorno Ferraris, Italy
Died: February 7, 1897

Galileo Ferraris was an Italian university professor, physicist, and electrical engineer. He was one of the pioneers of AC power system. He is also credited to be the inventor of the three-phase induction motor although he never patented his work. He worked at the Italian Industrial Institution and later at the Italian Electrotechnical Association.

 39 Albert Espinosa

Albert Espinosa
Famous As: Writer, Screenwriter, Engineer, Film director
Birthdate: November 5, 1973
Birthplace: Barcelona

A qualified industrial engineer, Albert Espinosa was diagnosed with cancer at age 14 and lost a leg, among other body parts, to the disease. Following his recovery, he ventured into screenwriting and also penned bestsellers such as The Yellow World. His life inspired the series The Red Band Society.

 40 Charles Bedaux

Charles Bedaux
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: October 26, 1886
Birthplace: near Paris or Charonton, France
Died: February 18, 1944

Charles Bedaux was a French-American millionaire and production engineer. He is credited with developing the Bedaux System, which decides the amount of money to be paid for a given amount of time. A reliable management consultant, Charles Bedaux worked closely with Nazis and British royalty alike.

 41 Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel
Famous As: Former industrial designer known for her work with ceramics, primarily from the period after she immigrated to the United States
Birthdate: November 13, 1906
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Died: December 30, 2011

Born into an affluent and academic Hungarian Jewish family, Eva Zeisel was initially interested in painting and learned the art of ceramics to support her painting career. She eventually turned out to be a celebrated industrial designer who used ceramics to create useful things such as tableware and candleholders.

 42 G. Madhavan Nair

G. Madhavan Nair
Famous As: Aerospace engineer, Engineer
Birthdate: October 31, 1943
Birthplace: Kulasekaram

G. Madhavan Nair is an Indian space scientist who played a key role in the development of space technology while serving as the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He is also credited with establishing the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology in Kerala. In 2009, Nair was honored with the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second-highest civilian award.

 43 Emil Škoda

Emil Škoda
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: November 18, 1839
Birthplace: Pilsen, Czechia
Died: August 8, 1900

 44 Mohammed Al Barwani

Mohammed Al Barwani
Famous As: Businessperson, Engineer
Birthdate: October 30, 1951
Birthplace: Oman

 45 Oskar Barnack

Oskar Barnack
Famous As: Inventor
Birthdate: November 1, 1879
Birthplace: Lynow, Germany
Died: January 16, 1936

Oskar Barnack was a German photographer and inventor. He is credited with building a device, which would later become the first successful 35mm still-camera. Barnack developed the camera, which was named Leica, at the Leitz Company where he was working as an engineer. Oskar Barnack is also credited with creating news images, which he made with his 35 mm camera.

 46 Robert Stirling

Robert Stirling
Famous As: Clergyman
Birthdate: October 25, 1790
Birthplace: Perthshire, Scotland
Died: June 6, 1878

Apart from being a clergyman, Robert Stirling was also an inventor and engineer, who created the famed Stirling engine. He was posthumously named to the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame. His inventions also included optical devices. While his grandfather invented the threshing machine, his father, too, made agricultural machinery.

 47 Frank Piasecki

Frank Piasecki
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: October 24, 1919
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Died: February 11, 2008

Aeronautical engineer Frank Piasecki was the first American to get a helicopter pilot’s license. Remembered as the pioneer of the tandem rotor design of helicopters, also known as the Flying Banana model. The National Medal of Technology winner had also designed the first helicopter for the American navy.

 48 Robert Esnault-Pelterie

Robert Esnault-Pelterie
Famous As: Aviation pioneer
Birthdate: November 8, 1881
Birthplace: Paris, France
Died: December 6, 1957
French aircraft designer Robert Esnault-Pelterie was the first to build ailerons for maintaining lateral control. He also coined the term astronautics. He pioneered several designs of monoplanes and was named to the International Space Hall of Fame. There is a crater on the Moon that bears his name.

 49 Max Mathews

Max Mathews
Famous As: Musical Artist
Birthdate: November 13, 1926
Birthplace: Nebraska, United States
Died: April 21, 2011

 50 Anton Flettner

Anton Flettner
Famous As: Engineer
Birthdate: November 1, 1885
Birthplace: Hattersheim am Main, Germany
Died: December 29, 1961