Russian literature has its roots well laid in the Middle Ages when epics and chronicles formed a major chunk of the literary circles. During the Age of Enlightenment i.e. from 1830s, Russian literature burgeoned and propelled and reached its peak. It was during this Golden age of Russian literature that novelists emerged. Nikolai Gogol was the first great Russian novelist. A preeminent figure of the literary circle, Gogol’s work had his impressionist vision of reality and people. ‘Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka’, ‘The Government Inspector’ and ‘Dead Souls are few of his early works. He was soon followed by Ivan Turgenev, a short story writer and novelist of the 19th century. Turgenev’s ‘Fathers and Sons’ is one amongst the greatest fiction novels of the 19th century. Other novels penned by this eminent litterateur include ‘On the Eve’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Virgin Soil’. However, the biggest breakthrough of Russian novels internationally came with the works by Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. These two novelists brought fame and recognition of Russian novels on international soil. While Tolstoy is till date regarded as the greatest authors of all time, Dostoyevsky’s literary works exploring human psychology explored a new genre in Russian literature. 20th century Russia had prominent novelists such as Aleksandr Kuprin, Leonid Andreyev and Nobel Prize winner Ivan Bunin amongst many others. Read this section to know more about Russian novelists, their life, works and timeline.
Leo TolstoyLeo Tolstoy
09 September 1828
Vladimir NabokovVladimir Nabokov
22 April 1899

Aleksandr Isayevich SolzhenitsynAleksandr Solzhenitsyn
11 December 1918

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak
10 February 1890
Poet & Writer

Maxim GorkyMaxim Gorky
28 March 1868
Writer & Dramatist

Mikhail BulgakovMikhail Bulgakov
15 May 1891
Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870

Alexander PushkinAlexander Pushkin
06 June 1799

Nikolai GogolNikolai Gogol
31 March 1809

Ivan TurgenevIvan Turgenev
08 November 1818
Nikolai LeskovNikolai Leskov
16 February 1831

Eduard LimonovEduard Limonov
22 February 1943
Writer, Dissident, Politician, Poet, Human rights
Boris AkuninBoris Akunin
20 May 1956
Writer, Translator, Historian, Science fiction

Victor PelevinVictor Pelevin
22 November 1962
Fiction writer

Boris SavinkovBoris Savinkov
31 January 1879
Nikolay ChernyshevskyNikolay Chernyshevsky
12 July 1828
philosopher, novelist, writer, literary critic

Bulat OkudzhavaBulat Okudzhava
09 May 1924
Screenwriter, Poet, Actor, Singer, Writer,
Ivan GoncharovIvan Goncharov
06 June 1812
linguist, writer, novelist, translator

Alexandra TolstayaAlexandra Tolstaya
18 June 1884

Andrei BelyAndrei Bely
14 October 1880
poet, writer, autobiographer,playwright, literary
Lyudmila UlitskayaLyudmila Ulitskaya
21 February 1943

Nikolai OstrovskyNikolai Ostrovsky
29 September 1904
Henri TroyatHenri Troyat
01 November 1911
Novelist, biographer, historian

Michail Aleksandrovich SholokhovMichail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov
24 May 1905