Russia is one of the most popular countries of the world, thanks to its multicultural ethnicity, rich heritage, its awe-inspiring architectural wonders and legendary leaders. But is Russia all about this and nothing else. Well, the country is home of some of the world’s greatest intellectuals and academicians who have greatly influenced the life of many across the globe. It has been a powerhouse of people who used their intelligence and thinking to play an influential role in the development of the world. Who can forget the contribution of Leonid Kantorovich in the field of mathematics? His theories and employment of techniques towards optimal resource allocation changed the way the world looked at mathematics. He is also considered as the founder of linear programming. Or even Lev Vygotsky who developed the sociocultural theory emphasizing upon the fact that children needed social interaction with people of different age groups in order to advance their psychological development? Mikhail Lomonosov was a legendary Russian scientist who influenced the formation of modern literary language. These and many other Russian intellectuals and academicians have made important contribution to mankind, most notably in the field of literature, architecture, science, technology, philosophy, engineering, politics, medicine, mathematics, visual art and music. Read this section and absorb some quick facts about the life and works of famous Russian intellectuals and academics.
Vladimir LeninVladimir Lenin
22 April 1870
Russian Revolutionary & Head of Communist Party
Leon TrotskyLeon Trotsky
07 November 1879
Founder and first leader of the Red Army

Leo TolstoyLeo Tolstoy
09 September 1828

Fyodor DostoevskyFyodor Dostoevsky
11 November 1821
Russian novelist Vygotsky
17 November 1896

 Peter KropotkinPeter Kropotkin
09 December 1842
Philosopher & Activist
Mikhail BakuninMikhail Bakunin
30 May 1814

Mikhail LomonosovMikhail Lomonosov
19 November 1711
Scientist, Poet, Geologist, Astronomer

Wassily LeontiefWassily Leontief
05 August 1906
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Pitirim SorokinPitirim Sorokin
21 January 1889
Alexander HerzenAlexander Herzen
06 April 1812
Father of Russian socialism

Leonid KantorovichLeonid Kantorovich
19 January 1912
Nikolay PrzhevalskyNikolay Przhevalsky
12 April 1839
Geographer, Explorer

Alexander BogdanovAlexander Bogdanov

Sergey ShoyguSergey Shoygu
21 May 1955
Politician, Military personnel, Economist
Fyodor DostoyevskyFyodor Dostoyevsky

Mikhail BakhtinMikhail Bakhtin
17 November 1895
Philosopher, Linguist, Writer, Literary critic
Nicholas RoerichNicholas Roerich
09 October 1874
Philosopher, Painter, Choreographer, Writer,

Akhmad KadyrovAkhmad Kadyrov
23 August 1951
Politician, Theologian

Roman JakobsonRoman Jakobson
11 October 1896
Viktor ZubkovViktor Zubkov
15 September 1941
Politician, Entrepreneur, Economist

Vladimir ProppVladimir Propp
29 April 1895
anthropologist, linguist, writer, university
Élie MetchnikoffÉlie Metchnikoff
15 May 1845

P. D. OuspenskyP. D. Ouspensky
04 March 1878
philosopher, writer

Vagit AlekperovVagit Alekperov
01 September 1950
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Economist

Nikolai VavilovNikolai Vavilov
13 November 1887
botanist, biologist, explorer, geneticist,
Georgi PlekhanovGeorgi Plekhanov
29 November 1856
philosopher, politician, journalist, writer,
Vsevolod MeyerholdVsevolod Meyerhold
28 January 1874
actor, theatre director, playwright

Nikolai BerdyaevNikolai Berdyaev

Nikolai BerdyaevNikolai Berdyaev

Yevgeny PrimakovYevgeny Primakov
29 October 1929
Geopolitician, Politician, Diplomat, Journalist,
Yegor GaidarYegor Gaidar
19 March 1956
Economist, Politician, Professor

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Boris AkuninBoris Akunin
20 May 1956
Writer, Translator, Historian, Science fiction

Viktor ChernomyrdinViktor Chernomyrdin
09 April 1938
Politician, Diplomat, Economist

Alexander OparinAlexander Oparin
02 March 1894
biologist, biochemist, chemist

Mikhail KasyanovMikhail Kasyanov
08 December 1957
Politician, Economist
Wolf MessingWolf Messing
10 September 1899
hypnotist, mentalist

Lev ShestovLev Shestov
31 January 1866
philosopher, university teacher
Alexander BlokAlexander Blok

Alexander RutskoyAlexander Rutskoy
16 September 1947
Politician, Military personnel, Economist

Ivan IlyinIvan Ilyin
Alexey MillerAlexey Miller
31 January 1962
Businessperson, Economist

Elvira NabiullinaElvira Nabiullina
29 October 1963
Economist, Politician, Banker
Igor SmirnovIgor Smirnov
23 October 1941
Politician, Engineer, Economist

Mikhail FradkovMikhail Fradkov
01 September 1950
Politician, Economist

Nikolai KondratievNikolai Kondratiev
04 March 1892

Wladimir KöppenWladimir Köppen
07 October 1846

Sergey NaryshkinSergey Naryshkin
27 October 1954
Politician, Economist
Fyodor TyutchevFyodor Tyutchev
23 November 1803
writer, poet, diplomat, philosopher

Helena RoerichHelena Roerich
12 February 1879
Russian writer

Andrei BelyAndrei Bely
14 October 1880
poet, writer, autobiographer,playwright, literary

Nikolai Fyodorovich FyodorovNikolai Fyodorovich Fyodorov
26 May 1829
philosopher, librarian
Alexander OstrovskyAlexander Ostrovsky
31 March 1823
writer, librettist, playwright, journalist

Anatoliy SerdyukovAnatoliy Serdyukov
08 January 1962
Politician, Businessperson, Economist
Konstantin PobedonostsevKonstantin Pobedonostsev
21 May 1827
jurist, politician, philosopher

Alexei KudrinAlexei Kudrin
12 October 1960
Politician, Economist

Igor AnsoffIgor Ansoff
12 December 1918
Mathematician, Economist, University teacher
Yevgeny ShevchukYevgeny Shevchuk
19 June 1968
Politician, Economist

Pyotr AvenPyotr Aven
16 March 1955
Politician, Banker, Economist
Henri TroyatHenri Troyat
01 November 1911
Novelist, biographer, historian

Nikolai PrzhevalskyNikolai Przhevalsky
12 April 1839

Gabdulkhay AkhatovGabdulkhay Akhatov
08 September 1927
Vladimir SolovyovVladimir Solovyov
28 January 1853

Nikolai Mikhailovich KaramzinNikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin
12 December 1766
Writer, Poet, Historian
Andrei A. GromykoAndrei A. Gromyko
18 July 1909