Located in Melbourne, Victoria, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or the RMIT University offers education in Art and Design, Architecture and the Built Environment, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, and Business and Management Studies. With its campuses located worldwide, the university is well-known for its practical and industry based learning. The university is ranked 16th in the world for art and design in the 2016 QS World University Rankings. Famous personalities like Rob Justin Hulls who served as the member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for Niddrie, 23rd Deputy Premier of Victoria, and member of the Australian Parliament for Kennedy studied at the RMIT University. James Wan, the director of Saw, a horror film; Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, Furious 7 and The Conjuring 2 also received this education from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Robert James Dell'Oro Thomson, the Chief Executive of News Corp and the former managing editor at the Wall Street Journal and The times is also from the RMIT University. Dr Amanda Barnard, the first person in the southern hemisphere to win the Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology for her commendable job on diamond nanoparticles, and Sir Jonathan Mills AO, the director Director and Chief Executive of the Edinburgh International Festival from 2006-2014 and the International Artistic Adviser of the Arts Centre Melbourne studied Acoustic Design at the RMIT. To know more about the RMIT alumni, scroll down.
James WanJames Wan
(Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Editor)

Leigh WhannellLeigh Whannell
(Actor, Screenwriter, Writer, Director)

17 January 1977


Gillian ChungGillian Chung
(Actor, Singer)

21 January 1981

Leigh BoweryLeigh Bowery
(Dancer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Model)

26 March 1961


Andrew StockdaleAndrew Stockdale
(Singer, Guitarist)

20 July 1976


Jacques NasserJacques Nasser
(Manager, Entrepreneur)

12 December 1947


Lydia LassilaLydia Lassila
(Athlete, Freestyle skier)
Rob HullsRob Hulls
(Politician, Solicitor)

Steve FieldingSteve Fielding
(Politician, Engineer)

Dennis JensenDennis Jensen
(Politician, Physicist, Scientist)

Albert Ernest KitsonAlbert Ernest Kitson


Clement MeadmoreClement Meadmore

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Charles PageCharles Page
(Lecturer, Photographer)
Bruce BillsonBruce Billson

Elizabeth GardnerElizabeth Gardner
(Freestyle skier)

John GarrettJohn Garrett
(Lecturer, Photographer)

Arthur Robert HoggArthur Robert Hogg
Gregory Kenneth EganGregory Kenneth Egan

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Toni MatičevskiToni Matičevski
(Fashion designer, Designer)