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Birthday: April 17, 1995 (Aries)

Born In: Tucson, Arizona

Ty Ellis aka Deadlox is a popular YouTuber and gamer who shook the virtual world with his YouTube channels. Born as Tyler Warren Ellis, he was a calm and composed child who has maintained this trait even as an adult today. Ellis’ first stint with gaming began when he and his friend Asus played a video game on a computer at school. Not long after, Ellis teamed up with Sky of Minecraft fame to create a group of Minecraft players. It was upon Sky’s insistence that Elis launched his own channel on YouTube called, ‘Deadlox MC.’ Subscriptions were coming in slowly, but Ellis’s career took a meteoric leap when he started daily vlogging on his channel. With more than two million subscriptions on his main channel and nearly two hundred thousand on his sub channel, ‘DeadloxVSGaming,’ Ellis surely has become one of the biggest gaming stars of YouTube.
Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Jocelyn

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


father: Tony Ellis

mother: Monika Ellis

siblings: Munick Ellis

U.S. State: Arizona

City: Tucson, Arizona

More Facts

education: High School Graduate

Rise to Stardom
Known as ‘Deadlox,’ Ty Ellis is a popular figure in the virtual world of gaming. Ellis first encountered the world of computer gaming when his childhood friend, Asus, introduced him to video games at school. They would spend hours playing the computer game, Runescape. Following his parents’ divorce, Ellis lived with his father who supported and backed him, both on an emotional and financial level. When Ellis joined YouTube in 2008, he watched Runescape videos and made a channel dedicated to the game. It was during this time that he first met Sky. Together, they made Runescape videos. Sky insisted Ellis to start his own channel, ‘DeadloxMC.’ After his freshman year, Ellis dropped out of school to start a full-fledged career in YouTube.
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He created a group of Minecraft players called, ‘Team Crafted.’ The group eventually changed its name to ‘Vision Squad.’ In the initial stages, Ellis primarily posted ‘Minecraft’ videos. His subscription number was a meager 2000 back then. However, it shot up dramatically when he started posting daily video blogs, skits, ‘Try Not To Laugh’ and prank videos. The subscribers’ list first rose to 100,000 and subsequently crossed the one million mark. Today, the channel has about 2.1 million subscribers whom he often refers to as his ‘Dead Army’. His most watched video is the Minecraft Epic Jump Map-Operation Tropical Vacation Part 1. After the stupendous success of his primary channel, Ellis started a second channel called ‘DeadloxVSGaming.’ On this channel, he uploads gaming videos that are not related to Minecraft. Replicating the success of his first channel, ‘DeadloxVSGaming’ is also growing and boasts of more than 190Ksubscribers.
Ellis stopped publishing content on ‘DeadloxMC’ when YouTube took some of his videos down. In a video on his gaming channel, he revealed that he deleted most of his viral content and has partnered with a company to post content on ‘DeadloxMC.’ Other than YouTube, Ellis is extremely active on other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitch. He has about 161K followers on Instagram and 440K on Twitter. On Facebook, Ellis has about 470K followers.
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Family & Personal Life
Ty Ellis was born as Tyler ‘Ty’ Warren Ellis on April 17 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, USA to Monika and Tony Ellis. He has an elder sister, Munick, and a dog named, Paddy. Tyler’s was a small family that lived in a small house until he reached the age of five after which, they moved to a better neighbourhood. As a child, Tyler was bullied in kindergarten due to which he rarely attended school. By the time he finished kindergarten, he was a year older than his batchmates. During his early years, the young Ellis met Asus who eventually became his lifelong friend. It was Asus who first introduced Ellis to the world of computer gaming. After middle school, Ellis went through a rough patch, both academically and personally. He wasn’t promoted to high school and had to finish his education from a summer school. On the home front, his parents got a divorce when he was 14. Ellis spent much of his time with his dad. On the romantic front, Ellis began dating his girlfriend Jocelyn in early 2013. In 2016, they welcomed their daughter, Lyla.

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