Alexis G. Zall Bio

(YouTuber, Actress)

Birthday: June 6, 1998 (Gemini)

Born In: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Alexis G. Zall, a YouTuber and actress, is one of those very few artists who have climbed up the social media success ladder in just a matter of years. And with a channel that will make you laugh out loud for hours, Alexis surely deserves to be in the spotlight. A YouTuber that has literally grown up in front of her audience’s eyes, Alexis is not a new name to the contemporary world, and her sense of humor is what everyone swears by! Due to her wittiness and utterly honest and raw videos it is no shocker that over 1 million subscribers follow her YouTube channel. Go on and get hooked to her channel, and in just a matter of minutes, you’d be one of those 1 million, fallen head over heels for this witty celebrity!

Quick Facts

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Females


father: Brian Zall

mother: Elizabeth Zall

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale, Arizona

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
When little Alexis knew that she was blessed with the ability to make everyone in the room laugh, she decided to create a medium to share her humor with the rest of the world. The then 13-year old ventured out to create a ‘YouTube’ channel, a perfect space to spread her ingenious sense of humor. Now, with over a million subscribers that just can’t get enough of her witty one-liners and subtle sarcasm, Alexis has come a long way to show she isn’t like just another YouTuber. Owing her funny bones to her parents, Alexis claims that her dreams would just not be if it weren’t for her hilarious and supportive parents. Often featured in her channel, you would actually agree with Alexis’s claim and laugh out loud at her parents’ take on things. Videos like ‘Leftovers with Alexis: #Parents’, and ‘Meet my Dad’ have received so much love for the display of ultimate family goals. Her parents, Elizabeth and Brian look like they’ve been filled with an extra dose of the funny potion, and it’s nothing less than a fun-filled ride when they take over the screen!
Growing up, though Alexis knew that acting and comedy came naturally to her, she always dreamed of working as a businesswomen. But few years into her teens, she realized just how much joy came with sharing absolutely anything under the sun on ‘YouTube’, and knew that this should be her career. And now the 18-year old, successful YouTuber has earned another feather in her hat; her social media fame has bagged her role in mainstream Hollywood! Miss Zall has worked in the 2013 television film ‘Out of Reach’ where she played the character of ‘Paige’. Her resume doesn’t end here! She also worked in an episode of the ‘AwesomenessTV’ series, a short film called ‘Honest Santa’ and a web series called ‘Spirits’. Apart from her channel and movies, Alexis is also an apple of the eye for the viewers of other ‘YouTube’ channels like ‘Shane Dawson’ where she hosts ‘BOMB (dot) COM every Sundays. Not only does she live an enviable and inspiring life by owning one of the happening ‘YouTube’ channels and working in movies, Alexis is also popular for her talk shows on ‘iTunes’.
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What Makes Alexis G. Zall So Special
At just 18, this one-person comedy machine has achieved way more than an average person her age, and she stands as a source of encouragement, proclaiming that no dream is too big. Not only does she write her own scripts, Alexis also writes free verse poetry during her ‘me-time’. And when not caught in between filming hours, she travels around the world extensively, and has already visited countries like Russia, Greece, and China. Alexis inspires her audience to always do what they set their hearts to, even if the people around offers negative response.
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Beyond Fame
On 5 June 2016, Miss Alexis took to her channel to do what she does on her birthdays; upload a video about her insights on everything she learned that year. And just like that, she uploaded ‘18 Tips for 18 Years’ video on her 18th birthday. But little did her fans know the kind of bomb that Alexis was about to drop. In this video, Alexis G. Zall officially ‘came out of the closet’ and declared that she is someone who likes girls, even though she isn’t ruling out the possibility of ever dating guys. Coming out as gay, Alexis told her fans that there is nothing wrong with being differently wired and that everyone should embrace their sexuality.
Behind The Curtains
Alexis G. Zall was born on 6 June 1998, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA to Elizabeth and Brian. Alexis is not only a successful YouTuber, but she is also an accomplished athlete. She started gymnastics at the tender age of 23 months and also competed in various national levels events for seven years.

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