Thibault Hutin Biography

(French Equestrian and Husband of Tennis Legend Martina Hingis)

Birthday: January 8, 1986 (Capricorn)

Born In: France

Thibault Hutin is a French equestrian who gained fame internationally for being the husband of tennis legend Martina Hingis. Throughout his marriage, controversies ranging from cheating, adultery, and violence, on the part of Hingis, wrecked their marriage. The three-year marriage was not only the end of his rising career, but also caused exceptional mental and financial stress for the Frenchman. Although some of the allegations against Martina were never proven, they were not completely denied either. However, Hutin, himself, was to blame for the decline of his equestrian career as it was his decision to quit to focus on their married life. Martina has been able to pick up the pieces, have a successful career, move on, and even get remarried. Meanwhile, Hutin is still struggling to get back anywhere near to his former glory as a talented athlete. Reports of him still being extremely bitter about the end of his marriage to Martina still emerge on media from time to time and that has not helped his image either.

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Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Martina Hingis (2010 – 2013)

Born Country: France

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Career & Fame
Thibault Hutin had a natural talent for riding horses from a very young age, being inspired to do so by both his parents. Hutin quickly caught the eye of coaches and trainers and embarked on a career in equestrian. Although a bit taller than most equestrians, his height did not hamper his winning ability. He became an active member of the ‘Fédération Équestre Internationale’ and since 2010 he has over 78 starts, including 1 win. Due to his accomplishments, he was even given the charge of a prestigious horse riding academy in France.
2010 was a life-changing year for Thibault Hutin. On a professional level, he was at his peak and personally in early 2010, he met Martina Hingis. The timing was crucial to the development of their relationship and dating an international tennis star like Martina was always going to bring media attention. Early 2010, Hingis was coming out of a two-year ban from international tennis, after being found guilty of cocaine use. Thibault claimed that he wasn’t fully aware of the situation when he met Martina. Consequently, Hingis also broke off her engagement with Swiss Attorney Andreas Bieri, once she started dating Hutin. Following that, Martina and Hutin started appearing on more press conferences together and this brought a lot of fame for the Frenchman.
Nonetheless, after a whirlwind romance lasting nine months, Thibault Hutin married Martina Hingis on December 10, 2010, in Paris. In 2011, he and Martina even competed together in the horse riding event, ‘International Gucci Masters 2011’ in Villepinte, France. Since both of them were living in different countries due to their career, they maintained a long-distance married life happily, or so it seemed.
Martina Hingis went to play in the US for a tournament in 2011. Hutin who was in France at that time decided to pay her a surprise visit to New York. He later claimed that when he walked into the room where she was staying, he found her with another man. Being cheated on by his wife broke his heart, but he forgave her and both of them decided to work hard on their relationship. Thibault later said that the decision was taken after he decided to quit his career and be with her.
However, Martina Hingis apparently cheated on him again in 2012 and this further strained their relationship. None of this was reported on media at that time. A few weeks before the French Open in 2013, Hingis was spotted sharing a hotel room and dating a Spanish sports management executive named David Tosas Ros. In July 2013, Hingis released a statement saying that Hutin and she were separated for more than six months before that. A devastated Hutin lashed out saying he wasn’t even aware they were separated until the statement by Hingis. On June 2015, in an interview to ‘Journal du Dimanche’ Thibault confirmed their messy divorce, although the exact date was never revealed.
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In June 2013, Thibault Hutin claimed that Hingis was a serial adulterer and had cheated on all her boyfriends. In September 2013, amidst divorce proceedings, Thibault escaped from their marital home in Switzerland after being violently attacked by Martina Hingis, her mother Melanie Molitor, and her husband Mario Widmer. He claimed that they stole his passport and credit cards as well. All three were investigated by Swiss police and the matter was later resolved quietly.
Personal Life
Thibault Hutin was born in France, on January 8, 1986. His father and mother divorced when he was young and he has several step-siblings. He was married to Martina Hingis since December 10, 2010, and later divorced her sometime between 2013 and 2015.

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