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Disco Norris is the youngest member OF ‘The Norris Nuts’ family, famous for owning the increasingly popular Australian YouTube channel. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, family life and other fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: August 1, 2018

Nationality: Australian

Age: 1 Years

Sun Sign: Leo

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Justin Norris

mother: Brooke Norris

siblings: Biggy Norris, Naz Norris, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris

Popularity Index
Vloggers #306 Social Media Stars #724
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Disco Norris is the youngest member of ‘The Norris Nuts’ family, which is famous for owning the increasingly popular Australian YouTube channel. The family-friendly YouTube creators welcomed their latest child in August 2018, and since then, Disco Norris has been a part of ‘the Norris Nuts’ adventures. Disco was introduced to ‘The Norris Nuts’ followers during his birth video and was subsequently named by his siblings. After a brief settling down period, the family eventually began to include Disco in their videos and often showed his four siblings interacting with him. In no time, he became a recurring character on their channel, and they dedicated some videos exclusively to his innocent antics and pranks. The siblings continue to dote on the youngest boy in the house, and he is often the face of new and interesting content that the family creates. Currently, the channel has over 1.5 million subscribers across the world, and ‘The Norris Nuts’ are popular on other social media platforms as well. Disco’s account on Instagram has already crossed 65,000 followers. It is naturally expected that he will soon follow into the footsteps of his successful family members and become an active content creator for ‘The Norris Nuts’.

Rise to Fame
  • Disco Norris’s rise to fame was largely accidental. He was born into a family that had made it big on the internet back in 2014. The family that calls itself the ‘The Norris Nuts’ started its journey on YouTube by creating vlogs and content especially suited for families. Back then, the family consisted of the four Norris siblings and their parents. The popular channel mostly revolved around the daily life and adventures of the siblings. Disco was formally introduced to the channel’s audience through a birth video in August 2018. Though the video had explicit content, the family requested its viewers to watch the magical experience of birth. Sure enough, the video has earned over 2 million views since then. Disco’s arrival made the Norris household even more popular as their videos began to include Disco’s escapades and adventures as well.
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  • After his birth video, Disco first featured in ‘The Norris Nuts’ channel’s vlog titled ‘BABY'S MORNING ROUTINE with a Family of 7 | The NORRIS NUTS Morning Routine’. The video became extremely popular and has been viewed over 680k times so far. In it, Disco’s siblings and parents reveal Disco’s everyday routine, right from the moment he wakes up in the morning until his bedtime, highlighting his daily activities. For many parents and children, this video was quite relatable as it views the world through the lens of a toddler who is learning to walk. Disco’s cuteness only helped strengthen the already popular ‘Norris Nuts’ channel. Disco has also become a recurring part of other fun videos on ‘The Norris Nuts channel’. His most popular videos include ‘BABY CONTROLS OUR DAY *ends in tears* 24 Hour Baby controls our life by choosing mystery boxes’, which earned almost 3 million views; and ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES KIDS, MEET OUR BABY *emotional first-time meeting brother*’, earning over 2 million views. The family’s YouTube channel currently boats 1.5 million subscribers and is avidly followed by many parents across the world. They have three more YouTube channels, which exclusively focus on games, adventures and challenges.
  • Despite being only seven months old, Disco has already become a popular figure on the internet. His Instagram account, created by his parents, already has over 65,000 followers. Just like his siblings, he is expected to become a permanent fixture in ‘The Norris Nuts’ videos. Disco, like the other Norris kids, could also enter the world of sports and train for it in the future, but until then, he will remain an active part in the cute videos of the family.
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  • Disco Norris’s name was chosen by his siblings. The parents decided to let his siblings pick a name of their choice, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a hat. When their father randomly picked a piece of paper from the hat, it was revealed that the chosen name was ‘Disco’, and the family gladly named their latest member the same. However, the internet and the Norris Nuts fans did not respond as enthusiastically to this idea. Many found the name absurd, saying how it might affect the baby’s well-being later. Many raised concerned about the bullying he might face in the future. A lot of people also left hateful comments on the family’s YouTube channel, calling their decision stupid. Despite noting their fans’ concern, the family decided to stick to their decision and uploaded a video discussing why they were doing so. They asked their fans and friends to accept Disco’s name as it is in the video ‘RESPONDING TO HATE COMMENTS ABOUT BABY DISCO'S NAME’. The four siblings asked their fans to dial down the hatred and simply accept their brother’s name and their choices, too.
Family & Personal Life
  • Disco Norris was born on August 1, 2018 to Justine and Brooke Norris in Australia. Disco is currently the youngest member of ‘the Norris Nuts’ family. He has four older siblings; three sisters: Sabre Norris, Naz Norris, Sockie Norris and one brother: Biggy Norris. He was welcomed lovingly by all his siblingss, and they eagerly look forward to spending more time with him. Despite being only seven months old, Disco has captured the hearts of many through his antics and innocent adventures. His siblings dotingly post his photographs on their Instagram feed.

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