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Birthday: March 3, 2003 (Pisces)

Born In: USA

Shari Franke is an American YouTuber, who appears frequently on the popular family YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers.’ She also owns a self-titled YouTube channel on which she posts vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and storytime videos. Since her channel is monitored by her parents, she exercises caution while choosing the content of her videos. She has done many makeup videos, which can be found on her personal channel as well as on her family's YouTube channel. Shari’s channel has over 464k million subscribers. She plays an important role during the giveaway events, organized by her parents. Shari is the one who hands out various giveaways on behalf of her parents. The giveaways are often announced on channel ‘8 Passengers.’

Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females


father: Kevin

mother: Ruby

siblings: Abby, Chad, Eve, Julie, Russell

Born Country: United States

The YouTube Story

Shari Franke was introduced to YouTube by her parents when she was a kid. She is the oldest of six children born to Kevin and Ruby Franke, who own a family YouTube channel named ‘8 Passengers.’ Interestingly, Shari’s self-titled YouTube channel was created a year before the creation of ‘8 Passengers.’ However, Shari posted her first video several months after creating her channel.

Prior to posting videos on her channel, Shari Franke was often featured in the videos posted on ‘8 Passengers.’ She hosts the giveaway events, organized by her parents on their family YouTube channel. Their family channel has gathered more than 2.2 million subscribers.

Shari’s YouTube channel is packed with makeup tutorials and other makeup-related videos as she loves applying makeup. However, she is a long way from perfecting the art of applying makeup and is still learning the tricks of the trade from her mother.

When it comes to choosing the subject matter for her videos, Shari hardly hesitates to take a leaf out of her parents’ book. The videos posted on her channel are similar to those found on the channel ‘8 Passengers.’ Some of her popular videos include travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, pranks, Christmas vlogs, storytime videos, etc.

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Personal Life

Shari Franke was born on March 3, 2003, in the USA. Her mother, Ruby, is a vlogger, while her father, Kevin, previously worked as a geotechnical engineering consultant. He also directs and edits the videos posted on their family channel. Shari’s younger brothers Chad and Russell often feature on ‘8 Passengers.’ She also has three younger sisters, namely Abby, Julie, and Eve.

Shari attended a public school for a few years, but she did not like the environment as many of her fellow students used abusive language and also did drugs. This had a huge impact on Shari and this scared her parents. Hence, they decided to enroll her at a private school.

Shari had a hard time making friends in elementary school. She used to be a quiet girl and found it hard to start a conversation with her schoolmates. As time went by, she started socializing with others and ended up making a few friends.

Shari Franke has always been a perfectionist. She is very punctilious about completing her school projects and assignments on time. She pays extra attention to every single detail in whatever she does. She is very organized and prefers planning her day beforehand.

Shari wants to move to Manhattan, New York when she grows up. When she was in fifth grade, Shari wanted to become a school teacher. However, her career preferences kept changing with every passing year.

Shari hates summer and wants her summer vacations to be cut short as she loves going to school. One of the main reasons for hating summer is that she develops skin allergies during the season.

She loves writing and hence maintains a diary. She even has a whiteboard attached to her bunk bed on which she writes down her memories and reads them every night. Though she does not like reading fantasy novels, ‘Harry Potter,’ which she has already read more than 13 times, is an exception.

Inspired by her grandmother, Shari Franke developed an interest in sketching. She loves listening to country music, which is her favorite musical genre. She enjoys watching movies, especially romantic flicks. Shari is an emotional person and often cries while watching sentimental movies.

Shari is multilingual and can speak French, German, and Portuguese. She loves playing softball and has been playing the game for a long time now. She also likes to sprint and hates hiking. Shari loves solving the Rubik’s cube and is also pretty good at it. She suffers from acrophobia, apiphobia, and nyctophobia.

Controversies and Scandals

In August 2021, Shari moved out of the house to pursue college. Many speculated that she won’t be returning to the family channel and might stop talking to the family. This supposition came true when in 2022 Shari came on Instagram and confirmed that she was no longer in touch with her family. She blamed her mother’s affiliation with ConneXions, a parent coaching platform, as the reason for the split. However, she hoped to reconcile with her family in the future.

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