Rémi Gaillard Bio

(French Prankster, YouTuber and Animal Rights Activist)

Birthday: February 7, 1975 (Aquarius)

Born In: Montpellier, France

Rémi Gaillard is a French comedian, prankster and YouTube personality best known for his outrageous videos and unconventional style of humor. Known for his Rocky Balboa parody videos, Rémi is also quite famous for dressing up as characters and pranking people. His official motto, which he often says in his videos is a French proverb- “C'estenfaisantn'importe quoi qu'ondevientn'importe qui”, which means “It is by doing anything that one becomes anyone”. The motto is said to be a reminder for being versatile as a performer. His skills are not just limited to pranking. He is also appeared as an actor in a Raphaël Frydman movie titled ‘N'importe qui’. He is also known for having appeared on WTF and The Antics Roadshow. Currently, with a net worth of a whopping 20 million pounds, Rémi is one of the top 20 trending comedians on YouTube.
The Rise to Stardom
Rémi first started pulling pranks and practical jokes on people after losing his job at a shoe store. In 1999, he shot his first video. After an overwhelming response by the people, he launched his official website http://nimportequi.com in 2001. He rose to fame with his stint at the 2002 Coupe de France finals, where he evaded security and celebrated with the winning team. He was also congratulated by the then President Jacques Chirac for his performance.
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Rémi continued to be a part of the winning festivities, running the victory lap with the team, and also managed to hold the cup without getting his cover blown. His pranks and performances have become more diverse since then.
A majority of his pranks include dressing up as Mario and Pacman while driving on the road with a kart. He also appears in a number of his videos dressed as different cartoons, kangaroo and Santa Claus, surprising people.
With over 6 million subscribers, Rémi’s YouTube channel is currently on amongst the most subscribed comedy channels on YouTube. He started the channel in 2007 and his most viewed video is that of the ‘Kangaroo’ with over 75 million views. He has also acted in a couple of movies.
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What Makes Remi So Special
It is widely known that Rémi has a passion for football. He has posted a number of videos on his YouTube Channel showing off his football skills. He has also played with the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo. Rémi is also known for being a charitable person, helping those in need, especially animals.
Over the years, he has rescued and adopted a number of animals himself. In 2016, he set up a fundraiser as a tribute to his dog that had recently died. Voicing strong opinions against animal cruelty, Rémi locked himself in a cage for about 87 hours raising awareness about the unfair treatment of dogs and other pets in facilities. The fundraiser helped over 200 dogs to get adopted and also raised an amount of €200,000.
Despite being a prankster, Rémiis never mean or unkind and intends all his practical jokes to be in a funny vein only. This is what makes Rémi Gaillard so special.
Behind the Curtains
Rémi was born and raised in Montpellier, France along with his sibling. His personal life is surprisingly out of the limelight, given his habit of being quite open with his fans. On numerous occasions, he has been seen on dates with several women. He is currently single and focusing on his comic career.

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