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Birthday: September 25, 1982 (Libra)

Born In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gone are the days when becoming famous was as challenging as conquering the Mount Everest. Perhaps we need to thank the internet for making it so easy for many people to hog the limelight in a jiffy. Internet platforms like ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube,’ in particular, have been immensely helping big daddies of the entertainment world in scouting for talent. These websites have also helped young powerhouses of talent, especially teens, in getting their due. Youngsters have been sharing their work on such platforms and the critical acclaim they garner has been catapulting them to stardom overnight. Jesse Wellens is one of the many young turks who rose to fame in such a manner. The pranks of Wellens have been leaving many netizens in split, resulting in an unbelievable fan following of millions. Several videos of his, uploaded on YouTube, have gone viral. Wellens overnight rise to stardom is perhaps the best example to prove that in today’s era, talent seldom goes unnoticed, thanks to a great platform like the internet. The need of a godfather to scale up the ladder of success is a thing of the past.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: Rocky

Also Known As: Jesse Michael Wellens

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Males


father: Steve Wellens

mother: Stella Wellens

siblings: Anthony Wellens, Candice Wellens

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

City: Philadelphia

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
Jesse teamed up with Jeanna Smith (another immensely popular YouTube star) back in 2007, to start their YouTube channel, titled ‘PrankvsPrank’, also known as ‘pvp’. The duo posted videos of them playing pranks on each other. Since then, there has been no looking back for this awesome twosome. These episodes gained the acceptance of the masses and within no time Jesse and Jeanna became household names. Surprisingly, most of the videos posted on the channel went viral, resulting in millions of views and subscribers.
What Makes Jesse Wellens So Special
Although there are quite a few pranksters on ‘YouTube’, it’s probably Jesse’s choice of ideas which make his pranks a cut above the rest. Sensational episodes such as the one in which Jesse pretended cheating on Jeanna, who was also his girlfriend, prompted millions to click the play button. Apart from adultery, Jesse also experimented with creepy and spooky pranks, leaving his audience wanting more. Jesse and Jeanna have refrained from repeating concepts which worked well previously and have managed to keep their fans guessing. Perhaps this approach helped this YouTube star carve a niche.
Beyond Fame
Apart from his pranks, Jesse has grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons as well. A few claims of the famous prankster cheating on his girlfriend and partner in crime Jeanna Smith surfaced online. A source claims that in mid-2016, Jesse revealed a shocking fact about his personal life to his fans through his social media account. Jesse announced that he’s the father of a girl child who apparently has been adopted for something else. This startling revelation also drew a lot of flak, especially from Jesse’s ardent fans. Thus, the recent times have been quite turbulent for this celebrity. This episode proves that a celebrity’s life isn’t all that glittery as it seems to be, as perceived by most commoners.
Behind The Curtains
Jesse James is one of the three children born to Stella and Steve Wellens. Anthony and Candice are his siblings. Apart from praises of his talent, online sources are also abuzz about the maverick prankster’s personal life. Jesse James and his partner-in-crime, Jeanna Smith, started seeing each other in 2005 and their relationship became a subject of gossip, especially among the paparazzi and Jesse’s fans. However, the duo split in 2016, after going strong for 11 years. If sources on the internet are anything to go by, Wellens cheated on Smith and allegedly had an affair with stylist and social media celebrity Kristina Askerova. Askerova has been making waves on the internet lately due to her pictures posted on ‘Instagram’.

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