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Perri LeRoy is an American YouTube star and social media personality. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: June 8, 2011

Nationality: American

Age: 8 Years

Sun Sign: Gemini

Born in: United States of America

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Cory LeRoy

mother: Shanna LeRoy

siblings: 2003) and Reese (born September 21, 2007), 2009), and one older brother, Kesley (born December 23, Rhett (October 24

Popularity Index
Vloggers #996 Instagram Stars #255
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Perri LeRoy is an American child YouTube star and social media personality. She is the youngest member of The LeRoy family, who runs the popular self-titled YouTube channel. A Utah native, Perri has become unarguably the most popular member of her family. She is known for often teasing her siblings and having hilarious conversations with them. Her mother originally created the channel in 2010. However, she only started posting on it in 2016. Initially, the channel was named ‘Ms Shanbanan.’ Just before she became active on it, Perri’s mother changed it to ‘Raising Mom.’ Later, the name of the channel was changed to what it is today, ‘The LeRoys.’ Over the course of the past three years, it has become one of the most successful family vlogging channels on the platform, with over one million subscribers and more than 200 million views in total. Her mother has also set up supplementary accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and the family has significant followings on those platforms as well.

Rise to Fame
  • Shanna originally created the YouTube channel under the username ‘Ms Shanbanan’ on June 29, 2010. Shortly before she became active on it, she changed the channel’s name to ‘Raising Mom.’ The first video, titled ‘Meet the LeRoys’, was posted on January 14, 2016. In it, all her four living children, including Perri, make appearances. Shanna also speaks about Logan, her second-born child who died in 2006. The channel’s name was changed once more at some point, to ‘The LeRoys.’
  • In the second video, the patriarch, Cory, is introduced, as he makes breakfast for the family. Shanna and the children talk about an app they are using which grants the children points for doing household chores. These days, they upload almost daily, and each of these videos receives hundreds of thousands of views. The most popular video on the channel, ‘Kesley's Getting BRACES’, revolves around the family’s oldest child’s visit to the orthodontist. One of the most popular videos featuring Perri is ‘Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial’, which was posted on January 20, 2017. Some of the other videos in which she is featured prominently are ‘Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial | Perri And Her Best Friend!’, ‘We Have An Addiction | Reese and Perri Get a Huge Surprise’, ‘I Messed Up on Her Birthday | The LeRoys’, ‘What's In My Backpack | Reese and Perri’, and ‘Cutest 5 year old Morning Routine!’
  • Perri also makes regular appearances on the family’s Instagram and Facebook pages.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Perri was born on June 8, 2011, in the United States of America, to Cory LeRoy and Shanna LeRoy. She is growing up along with her three siblings in Herriman, Utah. Cory LeRoy is a pilot currently affiliated with SkyWest Airlines. He also has been serving as an advanced flight instructor at Utah Valley University since September 2008. Shanna LeRoy is a photographer, cosmologist, and fitness trainer. Perri has two older sisters, Kesley (born December 23, 2003) and Reese (born September 21, 2009), and one older brother, Rhett (October 24, 2007). Cory and Shanna had one more son, named Logan, who passed away eight months after his birth (April-December 2006).

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