Nicky Hammond Biography

(Ex-Boyfriend of Venus Williams and Socialite)

Birthday: March 31, 1992 (Aries)

Born In: United States

Nicholas Hammond, also known as Nicky Hammond, came to the spotlight after he started dating the famous tennis player Venus Williams. Nicky is a millionaire who works as a private financier. He was born into a wealthy and famous family; his mother, Dana Hammond, is the heir of Walter Annenberg. He was first spotted by the media when he accompanied Venus to Serena Williams’s wedding ceremony in New Orleans. Since then, he has often accompanied her on her tours and they frequently travel together. Nicky Hammond likes to maintain a low profile and rarely speaks to the media. Recently, there were rumors that the duo might be engaged as a ring was spotted on Venus, but both have clarified that they are not engaged. He is not active on any social media channels. He currently lives in a mansion in Florida and divides his time between California and New York.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In March

Girlfriend: Venus Williams

Also Known As: Nicholas David Hammond

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males


father: James Hammond

mother: Dana Hammond

siblings: Jonathan Grossman, Miles Grossman, Oliver Hammond

Born Country: United States

Socialites American Men

Height: 1.83 m

Rise to Fame

Nicholas Hammond was born into an affluent family. His mother Dana Hammond is a wealthy socialite who is the heir to the Walter Annenberg fortune. Despite this, Nicholas’s upbringing was a private affair and he was rarely covered by the media. He first studied in Trinity School and later went to the New York University. Though it is not confirmed, Nicky is speculated to work as a private financier for high-profile clients and family connections.

He came into the limelight owing to his association with the tennis star Venus Williams. He was first seen with Venus as her date at Serena Williams’s wedding in New Orleans. He was next seen cheering Venus during the Australian Open, following which the couple travelled to Hamilton Island for a long vacation. Since then, the duo has made several appearances in public without commenting about their relationship.

He was recently in the news because Venus Williams was spotted wearing a ring, and rumors about their wedding were around. However, Venus decided to clear the air and stated that it was a friendship ring that symbolized the commitment the two had for each other. Nicky Hammond later confirmed that he wanted to keep his relationship private. Despite a low profile, sources have revealed that Venus has met Nicky’s family and has been cordially welcomed into their mansion. She was seen at Nicky’s estate in Palm Beach and later at their mansion in the Hamptons. The media often feature Nicky Hammond as Venus’s potential husband. The 12-year-gap between Nicky Hammond and Venus Williams is often a source of contention to the media, but the couple seem to be extremely happy with each other.

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Personal Life

Nicholas Hammond was born to the wealthy socialite, Dana Hammond, and James Hammond. While information about his early life and background is scarce, it is known that he grew up in luxury. He is currently in a relationship with Venus Williams and they are often seen together in public. Despite the age gap of over 12 years, the couple is strongly devoted to each other. Venus has met his mother and stepfather Dr. Patrick Stubgen as well. He currently lives in a large estate in North Lake Way and divides his time between New York and California.

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