Metin Hara Biography

(Turkish Author, Spiritual Healer, and Public Speaker)

Birthday: June 14, 1982 (Gemini)

Born In: İstanbul, Turkey

Metin Hara is a Turkish author, spiritualistic healer, and a public speaker. Born with a genetic disorder that impaired his day-to-day life, Hara realized that he possessed healing powers while he was in his teens. He decided to study physiotherapy and rehabilitation to better use his healing touch. After earning his degree, Hara started practicing his calling by holding private and public sessions. He grew popular by word-of-mouth and soon became a well-known name in Turkey. Hara had something larger in mind and thus conceptualized a wellness project, Trusthuman-Insanaguven. With the unveiling of this project, Hara conducted several public trainings and even was a TedX speaker. He became a bigger success with each passing day. He authored several books, gave many seminars, and wrote regular columns for national magazines and newspapers. He has recently been in the news owing to his relationship with the model Adriana Lima. Metin is currently writing his third book and continues to practice as a successful energy healer.
Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Adriana Lima

Age: 41 Years, 41 Year Old Males


father: Nisim Hara

mother: Mirey Hara

Public Speakers Non-Fiction Writers

Height: 1.75 m

Metin Hara was born with a genetic disorder that prevented him living an ordinary life throughout his childhood. He was often hospitalized and had to depend on others to take care of him. Things took a turn when he was 15 when Hara recognized that he could heal himself simply by touching. Friends and family, though initially skeptical, understood that Hara possessed powers that were beyond the scope of normal understanding. He was helped by his mother’s friend who ensured that he was educated about his powers by the best professionals. He also paired his spiritual studies with scientific learning about the body by studying physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the Capa Faculty of Medicine. This was just the beginning in Hara’s long spiritual and healing journey that made him famous.
He started by giving seminars and taking up private sessions for those who were extremely sick. He began working on his own project and finally released it in 2008, calling it ‘Trusthuman-Insanguven’. The motto behind this is to ensure that a different world for those who are sick is possible. His journey with ‘Insanguven’ continues even today as he not only runs a private practice, but also uploads videos regarding his beliefs on his YouTube channel. The channel has touched the hearts of many and currently has over 25,000 subscribers. His vision broadened over the years, and Metin released his first book ‘The Path’ in 2014. The book became an instant hit and sold more than 100,000 copies. In the same year, he unveiled the Trusthuman Academy, an institution that concretized his beliefs and helped those in need. His reputation soared, and his success grew. Later in the year, Hara was chosen as a TedX speaker. In his speech, he spoke about how ‘A Different World is Possible’, the underlying theme that defined his whole life, book, and academy. The speech was aired in over 100 countries and watched by millions.
By 2015, Hara had established his presence in his country. He started writing articles and thought pieces for local newspapers and magazines. He currently writes a monthly column for Platinum, a Turkish economy magazine. In October 2016, he released his second book ‘The Breath’, which received the same response as his first book. Many people found that the book changed their lives, and it soon climbed into the bestseller charts.
Apart from his spiritualistic calling, Hara has also worked as a commercial actor. He initially did this to earn a living during his university education. Through this, he has been the face of many national and international brands. Eventually, he branched out into movies and was part of many acclaimed films. He even bagged the Most Promising Actor award at the Ankara Film Festival in 2008.
Currently, he works as a spiritualist trainer who helps many individuals, institutions, and groups to realize the importance of thought and love and its correlation to health. He speaks of science and emotions and continues to mesmerize his audience. He has arranged and been a part of many corporate seminars to induce a sense of social responsibility amongst the hurried world. He is also writing his third book, which will complete his ‘Invasion of Love’ trilogy. As a leader of the wellness project, Trusthuman-Insanaguven, Metin continues to challenge everyday beliefs to bring out the best in humans.
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Family & Personal Life
Metin Hara was born on 14 June, 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. His father’s name is Nisim Hara and his mother’s name is Mirey Hara. He is currently in a relationship with the Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, and the duo has been captured taking vacations together. Metin Hara later announced that they are currently in the early stages of dating and are discovering each other.
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