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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: April 17, 1992 (Aries)

Born In: Stanford, California, United States

Julien Solomita is an American YouTube star known for his channel “julien solomita.” He posts different kinds of videos on his channel, including vlogs, timelapse videos, short films, cooking content, music videos, etc. He often puts background music by his friend Brandon Rowan, a.k.a. Birocratic, in his timelapse videos. He is also a musician known for his nightmare songs. Starting with his first single, titled "The Creepy Song", he went on to record a 17-track album, Nightmare Fuel, which was released on iTunes on December 9, 2014. Along with two other YouTubers, Joshua David Evans, and Arnold Telagaarta, he is a part of the musical group "The Shadows". They released a music video titled "Vlog With Me" on April 22, 2015. In July 2016, he uploaded a parody video titled "Pokémon Uber GO!" which was shot in the style of an Uber ad complete with a catchy slogan, "Uber GO! Catch a ride to catch em all". Around the same time, he made a guest appearance as himself in an episode of the television talk show, ‘Mostly Sports.’ He has been nominated as "Vlogger of the Year" in the 9th Annual Shorty Awards.

Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Jenna Marbles

Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Jenna Marbles

siblings: Marlon, Roxanne

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

U.S. State: California

Notable Alumni: Charles University In Prague

More Facts

education: Chapman University


During his sophomore year at college, Julien Solomita took up a day job at AMP Radio studio and worked as a bartender at night. He met Famous YouTuber Jenna Marbles while working as a bartender and the two soon started spending time together. For some time, he went to different places with her as her security. She soon opened his eyes to the incredible world of YouTube. He initially started helping her with her videos, and then created his own YouTube channel on December 8, 2012. He now has over 2.53 million subscribers to his channel. He and Jenna later created a podcast channel and a gaming channel together. He has also amassed over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. In late 2015, he launched his second channel under the name ‘julien 2.’ He mostly posts the highlights of his Twitch streams which have earned him over 560k subscribers. Speaking of Twitch, he is also fairly popular on the platform and has 725k followers on his channel, ‘julien.’

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What Makes Julien Solomita So Special

Julien Solomita, who graduated from college with a degree in news and TV journalism, was always interested in getting behind the camera and producing creative content. As his vlogging channel grew and he gained a huge audience, he found much more interest in expanding his content types by experimenting with different kinds of videos. He is most famous for his timelapse videos and vlogs. He is also into music and loves to experiment with both video and audio content that he creates. Once while vacationing in Las Vegas, he discovered that he has an app on his phone that lets him record his voice and turn it into different-pitched beats. Playing with the app for about half an hour, he created a track totally different from any genre of available music. He calls it the nightmare song, which captures the "weird" mood swings of a person in the form of a song. He even released a full album on iTunes with 17 such tracks. While his fans loved the album mostly, he said a lot of people hated it too, including his own parents and the parents of many of his fans. However, he considers it an art form and says the reaction he received is exactly what he had hoped to get.

Beyond Fame

Julien Solomita is a multi-talented genius of sorts. He was a successful baseball player at school. After school, he learned a lot about the production process while working at the AMP Radio studio. He is into Olympic Weightlifting and even ranked third in a competitive event. He is also a martial artist trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Dreams have always fascinated him. While in college, he used to attempt lucid dreaming by writing down his dreams as soon as he woke up from one. With time, he became better at it, feeling as if he could control his dreams and experience them as actual incidents. During his college days, he also had an irrational fear of falling through the storm drains every time he walked near them.

Family & Personal Life

Julien Solomita was born on April 17, 1992, at the Stanford University Hospital in California. When he was in the first grade, his parents separated. He has two siblings, an older sister named Roxanne and a younger brother named Marlon. His mother later got involved with his baseball coach Ted. Ted and his three kids soon became a part of their family and they would often go on vacations together. Julien loved to play baseball with his brother when they were kids. He was part of his school's baseball team and became the captain in his senior year. He got into Chapman University hoping to play for the college baseball team, but he injured himself in his freshman year and could not play baseball again. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

He currently lives with his wife Jenna Marbles, and their three dogs, Peach, Kermit, and Marbles. Julien and Jenna got engaged in 2021 before exchanging wedding vows in December 2022.


Julien Solomita was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008, during his sophomore year in school.

Both he and his wife Jenna Marbles are vegans.

Humorously enough, he believes Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, and Julia Roberts are actually the same person.

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