Jennifer Lynton Biography

Jennifer Lynton is a retired English production assistant, who was once married to the Oscar winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: October 26, 1947

Nationality: British

Famous: British Women Scorpio Women

Age: 72 Years, 72 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Born in: United Kingdom

Famous as: Ex-Wife of Sir Anthony Hopkins


Spouse/Ex-: Anthony Hopkins (1973 – 2002)

City: Hertfordshire, England

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Jennifer Lynton is a retired English production assistant. She came into limelight when she married the Oscar winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins who is famous for his turn as the cannibal-serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, in ‘The Silence of The Lambs’ was an alcoholic when he met Jennifer. Although she helped him recover from his alcoholism, mutual lack of understanding and rumored unfaithfulness on the side of Anthony Hopkins, led to their divorce. Perhaps the marriage was doomed from the start because of Hopkins’ nature, depression, and inability to commit to a single relationship. Or perhaps it was the nature in which the relationship started in the first place, but the 29 years of being married gave Jennifer Lynton, both fame and notoriety. She no longer attracts the eye of the media and thus is not in the news. This has been a blessing for her as Lynton has been able to make a life for herself, away from the messy personal life of Anthony Hopkins.

Career & Fame
  • Jennifer Lynton she had a good career before she met Sir Anthony Hopkins. She was working as a production assistant at the Pinewood Studios, in 1971. Lynton met Hopkins after going to pick him up from the airport because he was too drunk and had missed his flight. Hopkins was already married to actress, Petronella Barker, since 1966 at that time. But rumors of his being unfaithful were already rampant. Additionally, he was also gaining notoriety for his alcoholism and later admitted to “drinking like a fish”.
  • The underlying rift between Patronella and Hopkins became worse after the birth of their only daughter, Abigail Hopkins Harrison. Hopkins started staying away from home and sinking deeper into alcoholism. It was under these circumstances that he met Jennifer Lynton. The two started an affair while he was still married. Jennifer even appeared on the red carpet alongside Hopkins in the London premiere of his movie ‘When Eight Bells Toll’ on March 9, 1971.
  • In 1972, without any warning Hopkins left his wife and daughter who was only fourteen months old, to be with Jennifer. Dating one of the biggest stars of Hollywood brought overnight fame for the young production assistant. Additionally, the nature of their relationship along with Hopkins’ cold attitude to his first wife and child brought a lot of negative attention to Jennifer.
  • Hopkins divorced Petronella in 1972 and married Jennifer Lynton on January 13, 1973. By that time the actor was deep in his alcoholism and depression and struggling to keep his act together. It was Lynton, who stood by him and was the guiding force in his slow and arduous process of recovery. Although he struggled with his addiction during the first two years of their marriage, in 1975, Jennifer finally released the statement saying, her husband was no longer a slave to the bottle.
  • Consequently, this redeemed Jennifer Lynton in the eyes of many, who considered her to be a home wrecker. There was no denying the love and attraction she felt for Hopkins. She was once quoted as saying that, he was exactly what she was looking for as her partner, whether it was his volatile, creative, or eccentric nature.
  • Jennifer was drastically opposite to Anthony Hopkins and that was the main reason what got her attracted to the Oscar winning actor. However, Anthony Hopkins’ solitary nature and troubled upbringing would eventually spill into their happy married life. Rumors of him cheating on her with multiple women include Joyce Ingalls and Francine Kay began to spread. Things reached a boiling point when Sir Anthony Hopkins, who was based in Los Angeles, decided to become a US citizen. Jennifer who was living in London, UK flatly refused and this led to their divorce. It was finalized on March 30, 2002.
  • In an interview later, Hopkins revealed that he had been living separately for years before the divorce was finalized. Added to that, rumors of him dating Colombian born antique dealer, Stella Arroyave, had begun to surface in 2001, before his divorce with Lynton. He later married Stella in 2003. Jennifer never made a public statement regarding any of these out of respect.
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Personal Life
  • Jennifer Lynton was born on October 26, 1947, in the United Kingdom. Nothing is known about her education and upbringing. She was married to Sir Anthony Hopkins from January 13, 1973, to March 30, 2002, and they had no children. After the divorce, she is living in the UK and has managed to keep her private and professional life away from media eyes.

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