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Quick Facts

Nick Name: Jack & Jack

Birthday: September 10, 1996

Nationality: American

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Jack Finnegan Gilinsky

Born in: Omaha, Nebraska

Famous as: Viner, Musician, Pop Singer, Rapper

Height: 5'10" (178 cm), 5'10" Males


father: David Gilinsky

mother: Katherine Finnegan

siblings: Laura, Molly

U.S. State: Nebraska

City: Omaha, Nebraska

More Facts

education: Omaha Westside High School

Popularity Index
Viners #32
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With over 1.3 million songs sold, all independently released 11 singles charting on iTunes and the independently released EP Calibraska that rose to #1 on iTunes and #3 on Billboard Independent Chart, Jack Gilinsky need no introduction. One of the Jacks of the Jack & Jack duo, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson are Nebraska natives who carved a niche for themselves with their talent and genius. Friends since kindergarten, the duo first tasted success when they opened a YouTube channel, MotherFalconQuagmire. Destined for bigger achievements, in 2013, the pair jointly opened a Vine account that propelled them to the hearts of millions of fans through their 6 second video clips. However, this too was just a beginning. The Nebraska natives’ next stop was taking over the pop music industry, which they eventually did with their singles and albums. Today, they have a combined following of 23+ million social media followers.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • The inseparable pair, Jack & Jack, has had a fairy tale kind of a life until date. First met in kindergarten, their friendship blossomed with time as they became friends for life. In 2007, they added a new feather in their cap with their YouTube channel MotherFalconQuagmire. A collaborative effort of the two, the channel included short satires, lip syncing music videos and short parodies of popular songs that gained considerable attention. The breakout however came in 2013 when the duo came up with their joint Vine account, Jack & Jack. The young lads garnered a lot of press, starting from their ‘Nerd Vandals’ video clip which was described by Huffington Post as ‘a perfect Vine’. Thence on, there was no looking back for the talented duo that capitalized on every single opportunity presented to them. Basking on the success, the young guns after their online triumph released two mobile app games that were a big hit as well. In the field of music too, Jack & Jack have left a lasting imprint. In just eighteen months from the start in 2013, they self-released eleven singles, most of which have blown the iTunes charts and many have secured place in Billboard chart. In 2014, the boys monetized their status by going on an 18-city tour, DigiTour. Same year, they released a movie. In 2015, Jack & Jack made their foray in digital market with the extended play (EP) Calibraska. The EP reached number one on the US iTunes album charts and number three on Billboard’s Independent Album Chart within hours of its release. Currently, the duo is working on an album for a 2016 release, apart from their world tour. In the truest sense, these Nebraska natives have clutched their way to the brighter greens with their humble manners, hard work and sheer talent.
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Why is Jack Gilinsky So Special
  • If talent and skills could alone make a person special, probably everyone in the world would have been special. But no, there is more to life than being plainly talented. Jack Gilinsky, of the Jack & Jack fame, is a special young lad who has risen to conspicuous heights with his sheer determination and dedication. Having befriended Jack Johnson while at kindergarten, the Jack duo converted each opportunity into their success story, be it as Viners, singers, musicians or even gamers. Not many can claim to have this kind of success in their entire life what Jack & Jack have achieved in their mere 20 years of existence! And despite the huge feat, they are unique in their own kind, with an affable personality and humble disposition.
Beyond Fame
  • There are only a handful of youngsters who have their life and career sorted while just barely out of their teens. And amongst them, only a few care about the society and its people. Jack & Jack are among the selected few. Career apart, the duo have through their deeds proclaimed that the love for society is deep embedded within them. They have partnered with multiple brands to promote skin-cancer awareness and anti-bullying content. Other than that, they have made appearances and performed at various charitable events and shows. In 2015, they participated in Ryan Seacrest's Super Bowl #MakeItHappy campaign, which encourages kindness on the internet and in social media. They have also worked in association with Michelin to promote safe driving.
Behind The Curtains
  • Jack Gilinsky was born on September 10, 1997, in Omaha, Nebraska United States to Katherine Finnegan and David Gilinsky. He has two elder sisters, Molly and Laura. It was while at kindergarten that Jack Gilinsky became friends with Jack Johnson, little knowing that the bond would take them a long way in life. They studied together in elementary and later high school. Their classroom antics have today become an interesting lore for children and adults alike. It was in 2013 that their relationship went to the next level with their Vine account, Jack & Jack. And rest as they say is history. Together, the duo has got a lot of press attention for their video clips and has successfully turned them for their other pursuits. In 2015, Jack Gilinsky was spotted with Madison Beer who eventually became his love interest. Madison is a famous pop singer.

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Jack Gilinsky

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