Elle McBroom Bio

(Austin McBroom's Daughter)

Birthday: May 28, 2016 (Gemini)

Born In: Woodland Hills, California

Elle McBroom is the daughter of former 'National Collegiate Athletic Association' (NCAA) basketball player Austin McBroom and fitness model-turned-'Instagram' star Catherine Paiz. Elle is the youngest member of the family that owns their very own 'YouTube' channel, 'The ACE Family.' She was a star even before she was born. The channel consists of vlogs about Elle’s childhood. Her cute face and adorable voice have captivated millions of hearts. Most of her vlogs on the channel have earned millions of views. Elle owns an 'Instagram' page, too, which is managed by her parents.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Elle Lively McBroom

Age: 7 Years


father: Austin McBroom

mother: Catherine Paiz

siblings: Alaïa Marie McBroom

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

The YouTube Story
Elle McBroom gained popularity even before her birth. Her parents, Austin and Catherine run a family 'YouTube' channel 'The ACE Family,' which hosts their life-vlogs. The channel gained attention after the video of Austin’s proposal to his fiancée, Catherine, was posted on it. The video has earned the highest number of “views” on the channel. Austin and Catherine were already famous in their respective fields, which added to the popularity of their channel. The channel's popularity soared when Austin posted a vlog announcing Catherine’s pregnancy. Soon, their channel was deluged with wishes and congratulatory messages. Everybody was excited to welcome the baby. Since Austin and Catherine had begun vlogging a few months before Elle’s birth, they could not document the whole gestation period. They could not even vlog about the baby’s gender-reveal party. During Catherine's first trimester, Austin was on a tour for a basketball tournament. Catherine could not shoot the videos alone. When she was about 11–12 weeks pregnant, she suddenly started to bleed and thought she had miscarried. The moment she realized the baby was safe inside her, she heaved a sigh of relief.
During Catherine’s last stage of pregnancy, they both became impatient and consulted doctors to learn about the ways to induce labor. Catherine tried every possible way, such as jumping on a bouncy ball, floating in a pool, and eating labor-inducing food. Elle’s birth was documented and later posted on the channel. The "YouTuber" couple has also documented every moment of their little angel’s life since her birth. Most of Elle’s vlogs on the channel have received millions of views. Some of the most popular vlogs are ' BABY'S FIRST PLANE RIDE!!!,' ' BABY STUCK IN BALL PIT!!!, ' ELLE'S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY SPECIAL!!!,' 'MOMMY AND BABY TRAPPED IN SAND!!!,' and 'THE CUTEST BABY INTERVIEW!!! (INTERVIEW WITH 1 YEAR OLD).’ Elle’s video where she tastes lemon for the first time received over four million views.
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Elle has an 'Instagram' profile where her parents post her cute and adorable pictures. Her photos have captivated over three million followers on the platform.
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Personal Life
Elle was born Elle Lively McBroom, on May 28, 2016, in Woodland Hills, California. Her mother, Catherine, came across this name while watching a TV show, and she instantly decided she was going to name her baby “Elle.” Austin calls Elle his “princess.” Catherine announced her second pregnancy in February 2018. A vlog was later posted showing how excited Elle was to welcome her sister.

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