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Birthday: January 9, 1994 (Capricorn)

Born In: Detroit, Michigan, United States

Elijah Daniel is an American comedian, author and rapper, who has earned extensive acclaim for his parodies covering a wide range of subject-matters on popular social media platforms, especially YouTube and Twitter. His professional career took off when he started videos on YouTube. He featured in a Taco Bell commercial, speaking with a Cantina-intonation for promoting the ‘Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos’. He also appeared in numerous other TV commercials and shows as well as movies, prominent amongst these being his appearance in the Korean rap group B.A.P.’s music video, “BADMAN”. Elijah generated widespread controversy when he officially petitioned the White House for making Miley Cyrus’s track, “Party in the USA” the US’s National Anthem. He took burlesquing to a new high when he helmed a weekly parody program on Twitter requesting his fans to text his lines on randomized phone numbers. A couple of years later, he publicly tweeted that he’d get inebriated to author an erotic novella titled, ‘Trump Temptations’ parodying Donald Trump, and also publish it on the same day. The erotica, ‘Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy’ was released on Amazon, a few hours following his announcement. The novella went viral on social media, garnered massive publicity on print media, receiving rave reviews on VICE, Los Angeles Times, and New York Daily News, and was adjudged a bestseller.
Quick Facts

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Males

Rappers Comedians

Height: 6'1" (185 cm), 6'1" Males

City: Detroit, Michigan

U.S. State: Michigan

Early Years
Elijah Daniel was born on 9h January 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, and was nurtured as an evangelical Christian.
He started living with his grandmother in her home in order to nurse her when she became incapacitated due to illness.
While attending to his grandmother, he started focusing on penning comedic content in his leisure time. Soon after, he began publicizing his content on Twitter and Vine.
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White House Petition and Hosting an Online Parody Show
In 2013, Elijah Daniel helmed an online petition to White House for adjudging the song, “Party in the USA” sung by Miley Cyrus as the national anthem of the country. It garnered worldwide attention.
In 2014, he took to hosting a caper titled, ‘Text Prank Thursday’ on a Los Angeles based comedy website, ‘CollegeHumor’.
Daniel, later on revealed to ‘Vice Media’ that he had started to excel as a social media influencer, having amassed a huge fan following on internet. The total number of followers on his Twitter account exceeded 95,000 by the end of 2016.
Lampooning Fifty Shades of Grey via an Erotica Titled Trump Temptations
By 2016, Elijah Daniel had become a hotshot on Twitter by virtue of his regular text-based and visual postings that invariably parodied Donald Trump and quixotic social mores. He announced on Twitter in 2016 that he’d author an erotica with Donald Trump as the protagonist and would drink heavily before starting to write.
The inspiration to write an erotic novella caricaturing the incumbent US President came from a tweet that underscored the user’s desire to enjoy a romp with ‘Bernie Sanders’, an US Senator from Vermont. The erotica titled, ‘Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy’ was a sarcastic take on E.L. James’s, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.
‘Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy’ was released on Amazon within hours of Elijah proclaiming that he would be publishing his erotic work. This novel is the first and only book written by him till date.
The erotica charted to the top on Amazon’s bestseller list in three distinct groupings: ‘LGBT erotica’, ‘gay erotica’, and ‘humorous erotica’. The novella was also reviewed by several mainstream newspapers, including ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘The Washington Post’, ‘Los Angeles Times’, ‘London Evening Standard’, ‘Gay Star News’ and ‘Daily News’.
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, another erotic novel that had whipped up a huge controversy following its publication in June 2011, was trailing behind Trump Temptations on Amazon.com. In order to promote the novella and generate publicity, Chris Feretti, a consummate Trump emulator was engaged by Elijah to read out the book’s audio version.
Marc Shapiro who wrote Donald Trump’s biography was strongly of the opinion that Elijah’s erotica scandalously cashed in on the unprecedented publicity generated by Trump’s election as president.
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Burlesquing Homophobia
Elijah Daniel went public on Twitter following the nightclub shooting incident in Orlando by urging that anybody from the LGBT community looking for moral support could get in touch with him. He also posted a letter to Fusion.net addressing petrified kids belonging to the LGBT society which was extolled by ‘ATTN’-a Los Angeles-based media firm.
Elijah was threatened with murder by a homophobic user on Twitter in 2016. Daniel sent a text message to the purported user’s parents about the latter’s death threats and also uploaded a screen-capture of the message. The stand taken by Elijah in response to the intimidation was commended by ‘Elite Daily’, and ‘Metro News’.
In 2017 on 30th August, Daniel carried out a stunt in public in Hell, Michigan, an unincorporated territory where anybody can become a mayor for just one day by making a token payment. After paying to be designated a mayor, he lampooned heterosexuals by passing a law which prohibited their entry in the town.
The proclamation of the sardonic and bizarre law in the unincorporated area led to Elijah’s impeachment. Later on, he published a tome titled, “The Holy Bible…but Gayer” which was a spoof on “The Bible”. Amazon.com did accept orders for the book initially but the embargo was lifted afterwards.
Small Screen and Silver Screen Forays
In 2014, Elijah Daniel made guest appearance in the movie, ‘Lost River’, directed by Ryan Gosling, a renowned Hollywood actor. In the same year, he appeared fleetingly in the film, ‘Happy Ending’.
He also capitalized on the opportunities to act in episodes of a few TV serials. He performed the role of a concession stand boy in two episodes of ‘Low Winter Sun’ in its first season (2013) and portrayed a survivor in ’12 monkeys’ (2015).
He scripted, edited, produced, and acted in a TV show titled, ‘Givit Wednesday’.
In 2016, he entered into a deal with film studio NakedSword for the cinematic adaptation of his erotica, ‘Trump Temptations’. Due to popularity of his book, he also signed two TV proposals: a docu-series ‘Elijah Daniel is Insane’ and a comedy show named ‘Social’.
Towards the end of 2016, Elijah together with Christine Sydelko, a Vine comedienne entered into a business agreement with FOTV Media Networks that agreed to promote and televise their TV series, ‘Trash Talking’ for one full season.
Awards & Achievements
In 2017, Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko jointly won the Shorty Award for Best Comedian.
Personal Life
Born in Detroit, Michigan, Elijah spent his growing up years in his hometown before shifting to Los Angeles, California to chart his professional career. Though he posts prank blogs and videos declaring himself to be straight, he is actually gay.
‘Trump Temptations: The Billionaire and the Bellboy’ the erotica written by Elijah is very short running into only 21 pages.
Elijah wrote the novella after going on a high by inhaling vapors of a specific strain of marijuana known as ‘Banana Crack’ and guzzling on ‘trashy mom white zinfandel’ .
Elijah Daniel wrote another novella named ‘Holy Bible….Only Gayer’ where ‘Rihanna’ was portrayed as the protagonist (Jesus), Donald Trump was depicted as Antichrist (Satan), and Taylor Swift was the serpent.

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