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(Lithuanian-American YouTube Star, Hip Hop Artist and Social Media Influencer)

Birthday: June 29, 1995 (Cancer)

Born In: Lithuania

Dom Zeglaitis is a Lithuanian-American YouTube star, hip hop artist and social media influencer. He has gained fame for his self-titled YouTube channel on which he has about 560 thousand subscribers and over 36 million views. A native of Lithuania, he later relocated to Chicago in the United States of America. Initially, his aspiration was to attain success as a rapper and he was known as Durte Dom across various social media platforms, especially YouTube. A member of the popular YouTube ensemble Vlog Squad, he has been with the group’s founder David Dobrik since the beginning and has been featured in Dobrik’s videos since the inception of his channel. Zeglaitis set up his own YouTube channel in February 2013 and the oldest video there dates back to November 2016. Over the years, Zeglaitis has been the subject of several controversies, including one in which he was accused of filming a 15-year-old girl who was dancing suggestively at a party. He later issued an apology for the incident.
Quick Facts

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


siblings: Rascal (brother)

Born Country: Lithuania

Height: 5'6" (168 cm), 5'6" Males

Dom Zeglaitis had harboured the aspiration of becoming a hip hop star since he was a child. On January 26, 2014, he made his debut as a rapper with the mixtape ‘Looking to Land’. Produced by BestDay, it is comprised of four tracks: ‘Red Pill’, ‘F.O.T.B’, ‘Levels’, and ‘Comatose’. About four months later, on May 23, he put out his second mixtape ‘Highly Inappropriate’. This one was produced by Paradox and is comprised of seven tracks: ‘Life of Fitzgerald’, ‘Miss America’, ‘School Supplies’, ‘Durte at the Darty’, ‘Recess’, ‘Sorry I’m Not Sorry’, and ‘Dunzo’.
While he has since decided to build up a career as a YouTuber instead of pursuing a career in the music industry, he has released several tracks that were collaborative efforts with other Vlog Squad members. ‘Gucci Bands’ was released in December 2017 and featured Dobrik and Seth. ‘Vlog Squad’ was put out in February 2018, featuring Seth, BigNik, and Jason Nash. He has also released a track called ‘More’, which featured Seth, BigNik, and Jonah.
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Zeglaitis has been part of Dobrik’s close circle of friends since the beginning. Dobrik started out on the now-defunct short-video sharing app, Vine, before setting up his channel in December 2014 and starting to upload content in February 2015. His first video, ‘Cool Intro’, was filmed and edited by Zeglaitis, who also made an appearance in the video. Zeglaitis would go on to serve as the cameraperson and editor for several of Dobrik’s subsequent videos.
Zeglaitis set up his channel on February 17, 2013. The oldest video on it was posted on November 19, 2016. Titled ‘Breaking Up With Girlfriend?’, the video has accumulated nearly 41 thousand views to date. Zeglaitis evidently started posting content after he and the rest of the Vlog Squad had established themselves on social media. He has a fewer number of videos on his channel than most of the other members of the Squad.
The most popular video on his channel is the music video for his single ‘Gucci Bands’, with over 2 million views. Some of the other popular videos on his channel are ‘Funny Highschool Stories! ft. David Dobrik,’ ‘We're Dating! ft. Corinna Kopf,’ and ‘Charades Challenge! ft. Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, & Corinna Kopf.’ He is quite popular on Twitter as well and has over 70 thousand followers on the platform. However, his main Instagram page is presently unavailable. He also has a website on which he offers training to aspiring influencers on how to go viral on social media.
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Controversies & Scandals
Dom Zeglaitis is unarguably the most controversial figure in the Vlog Squad. His content has always been problematic and he has received much criticism for it, especially for making jokes about underage sex. People, including many of his fans, initially believed that it was just a character he was playing. However, allegations of sexual misconduct started to pile up against him in 2017. Several female YouTube stars in Los Angeles accused him of harassment. One 15-year-old girl even stated that, after she had managed to sneak into an 18+ VidCon party, she was filmed by Zeglaitis while dancing suggestively. Dobrik was also criticised for giving Zeglaitis a platform.
Zeglaitis subsequently released a short apology video which has since been deleted. In it, he starts off by acknowledging the accusations against him as well as his own behaviour. He does not deny the allegations and even admits that they are true “to an extent”. He later speaks about his aggressive nature with women, which supposedly has turned him into a disrespectful person and womaniser in the eyes of the public. At the end of the video, he offers an apology to anyone whom he might have offended and to friends who have been affected negatively because of him.
Personal Life
Zeglaitis was born on June 29, 1995, in Lithuania. He has a younger brother named Rascal. Little is known about his family and early life. At one point, he relocated to the United States.

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