Kaci Shiers Bio

(British TikToker)

Birthday: March 3, 2001 (Pisces)

Born In: Portsmouth, England

Age: 23 Years

Kaci Shiers is a popular short form comedy and lip sync content creator known for her entertaining videos on the TikTok platform. Rising to fame through her kaci_shiers account, she has amassed a large following of over 1.2 million fans and has received more than 69 million hearts on her videos. While pursuing her education, Kaci studied business as a college student, showcasing her diverse interests and talents. One of her notable TikTok creations was a video set to the music of 6IX9INE and DJ Khaled's hit song "Tati." With a close-knit family, Kaci has two brothers and two sisters who have been a source of support and inspiration for her creative endeavors. She also collaborated with Levinhotho on a duet video, showcasing her ability to engage with fellow content creators and entertain her audience through collaborative projects.


Known for her engaging and humorous content, Kaci Shiers has made a significant impact in the world of social media entertainment. Her TikTok account, kaci_shiers, has garnered a dedicated following, with fans appreciating her unique blend of comedy and lip sync performances. With a background in business studies, Kaci has demonstrated her versatility and creativity through her content creation, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. Her video set to the popular track "Tati" by 6IX9INE and DJ Khaled further solidified her presence on the platform, showcasing her talent for creating engaging and entertaining content. Collaborating with fellow creators like Levinhotho, Kaci continues to expand her reach and connect with a diverse audience.

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