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(American Instagram, Vine, and YouTube Star, Actor, and Mental Health Advocate)

Birthday: March 1, 1998 (Pisces)

Born In: Detroit, Michigan

A tall and gangly guy who has a sense of humor that might put some veteran comedians on high alert, Demetrius Harmon a.k.a. Meech, who goes by the pseudonym Meechon Mars is an American social media star. A Vine celebrity turned YouTuber, Harmon shot to social media fame through his short videos posted on the now-defunct app Vine. From vlogs to skits, his content is refreshingly original and is completely devoid of any attempt to offend or belittle anyone. Demetrius Harmon is one of those individuals who seems to have a keen eye on his surrounding and is acutely aware of the things happening around the world. That, precisely, proves to be Meech’s strong points as an actor and comedian. His skits and vlogs are both a source of inspiration as well as entertainment to millions of fans across various social media platforms.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: MeechOnMars

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'9" (175 cm), 5'9" Males

City: Detroit, Michigan

U.S. State: Michigan

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Demetrius Harmon found his passion for acting when he was just a teen. He started out by doing small funny skit videos and uploading them to Vine, a short video uploading platform. Very soon, his witty content captured the attention of the viewers and the number of viewers on his Vine account began to climb up. He started uploading videos quite regularly from then on and came up with hilarious skits, naughty pranks, and funny reactions to random things. Soon, Demetrius Harmon amassed a huge fan following on Vine with over 2 million people viewing his videos. He has amassed over 420,000 subscribers on YouTube and has gathered more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

When Vine closed its doors, Demetrius Harmon shifted to YouTube. He kept his format short like those required for Vine, but also started a personal Vlog. Very soon, Meech had found success. Among his videos, his impression of how Jay Z reacted the first time when he heard Beyonce sing was downright hilarious. He took everyday issues that high school students face on a regular basis and put his humorous twist on them to turn them into skits.

Demetrius Harmon won a Shorty Award in 2016 for his six-second short video uploads in Vine. He also has his own clothing line called The Golden Life Clothing which focuses on sporty casual style like T-shirts with slogans and messages, hoodies, and sports jackets along with baseball caps.

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What Makes the Person So Special

Although through his skits Demetrius Harmon appears to be this gregarious, fun-loving, and loud guy, in real life he is quite the opposite. He is the quintessential introvert who is shy and soft-spoken. The one with an easy and infectious grin, Meech is quite clearly not your average influencer who lives life only on the fringes.

Demetrius Harmon, in one of his vlogs, talked openly about battling depression. The reason he points out is the extreme pressure he’s had to endure bullying on social media. He also released a short video titled Be Happy on September 18, 2016, where he detailed his struggle with depression and even his battle with suicidal intentions. After his video became widely circulated around social media, Harmon expressed his intentions to carry forward the message “Be Happy” to his clothing line and raise awareness about vocalizing one’s mental health problems. He declares “I hope it goes viral, many things go viral but I need this to go viral to educate the world about mental illnesses. I hope it gives other people hope. I hope it makes parents take their children seriously when they say they’re depressed.”

Behind The Curtains

Demetrius Harmon was born on March 1, 1998, at Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is certainly experimental with his looks, sporting some beard sans a moustache along with a sparkly diamond nose pin coupled with diamond stud earrings. His style is lazy casual with baggy hoodies and jeans. He was dating his fellow high-schooler, Taylor Harmony. He admits that Tupac Shakur is his greatest inspiration when it comes to his aspirations for his own career.


Demetrius Harmon started his clothing line The Golden Life Clothing when he was thirteen years old.

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