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Famous as:
Reality Star & Social Media Personality
Birth Date:
August 17, 2009
8 Years
Sun Sign:
1.17 m
Born in:
Pennsylvania, USA
Marc Lukasiak
Christi Lukasiak
Chloe Lukasiak

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Clara Lukasiak is the sister of well-known dance star, actor and social media personality Chloe Lukasiak. While Chloe was one of the original cast members of the dance reality television series ‘Dance Moms’, Clara also appeared in some of the episodes until the family finally decided to leave the show after season 4. Clara herself followed in her older sister's footsteps by becoming a dancer. She started dancing at the age of two and has gained a lot of attention as a child dancer. She also appeared on an episode of ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’. In spite of her young age, Clara is already present on many social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Her accounts are usually run either by her mother Christi or her sister Chloe. In Chloe's second music video performance, ‘Fool Me Once’ by Jess Godwin, Clara and her mother Christi Lukasiak made cameo appearances. Clara's mother once tweeted that Clara is in talks to be in a movie, but the details have not yet been revealed.

Clara Lukasiak
The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • Fans of the reality show ‘Dance Moms’ might have seen Clara many times accompanying her mother and older sister. She, however, became famous after joining social media. After she started taking dancing classes, she posted pictures of her dancing on Instagram. She also shares fashion pictures often, donning colorful clothes and posing for fans. She has even joined YouTube where she posts videos of her daily activities, like dancing, baking, learning different things in her own funny style, and even opening holiday gifts or answering fan questions. Chloe Lukasiak, Clara's older sister, promoted her little sister's YouTube channel on her own Twitter account after she debuted on the video sharing platform.
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What Makes Clara Lukasiak So Special
  • Watching a cute little girl perform dance steps is entertaining enough for many of Clara's fans. However, Clara is particularly loved for her funny talks and behaviors. In all her social media accounts, she is described as the "littlest Lukasiak with one big personality". Her fans definitely love her personality. She is also considered a fashion icon, along with her older sister. According to Chloe, Clara is even more fashionable than she will ever be. Clara often shows her fashion sense by doing a bit of 'modeling' while unboxing new clothes from presents. Not only her fans, but her sister also finds those moments most adorable in her videos. Clara's YouTube channel, aptly named "Claras World", contains far more than that. It is a kind of video blog of various aspects of her life.
Beyond Fame
  • Clara's mother Christi used to take her to the sets of the dance reality show ‘Dance Moms’ where Clara had developed a friendship with Mackenzie Ziegler, the sister of Chloe's friend and main competitor, Maddie Ziegler, another participant of the show. They are said to have been very 'naughty' and 'mischievous' on the sets. During Season 3, Christi once tweeted that Clara was not allowed to be on the set during filming, which disappointed some fans. The Lukasiaks eventually exited from the show when Abby Lee Miller, the owner of Abby Lee Dance Company, for which Chloe was performing, behaved rudely with her and even criticized her medical condition.
Behind The Curtains
  • Born on 17 August 2009, Clara Lukasiak is the second daughter of Marc and Christi Lukasiak. Her father is the director of marketing and communications at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Her mother Christi was one of the original participants of ‘Dance Moms’, along with her sister Chloe. Clara was named by her sister Chloe after the main character in ‘The Nutcracker’. Clara's favorite movie is ‘The Little Mermaid’. Despite the difference in their age, Chloe and Clara are like best friends and can often be seen together. Both Chloe and Christi appear on Clara's YouTube channel regularly. Clara also appears on her sister's videos sometimes.
Last Updated : October 25, 2016

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