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(American Instagram and Vine Star, Painter, Musician, and Photographer)

Birthday: July 18, 1999 (Cancer)

Born In: Naperville, Illinois

Chloe Woodard is an American comedian and "Viner." She is best known for her comedic clips that have inspired a lot of memes. Chloe rose to popularity for the 'Vine' clip ‘Who Is She?’ The 'Vine' clip was later allegedly copied by "Viner" Jake Paul. This resulted in an ugly online argument between them. Chloe is an ardent lover of art, music, photography, and poetry. She posts her work on her 'Instagram' page. Her first original track is available on her 'YouTube' channel.
Quick Facts

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Females

U.S. State: Illinois

Social-Media Fame
Chloe began her social-media career by venturing into ‘Twitter’ in March 2012. The account has earned more than 144 thousand followers. Her deep interest in comedy made her turn toward 'Vine.' Soon, she began "reVining" popular “Vines,” such as those of "Viner" Ezra Koenig. Chloe rose to fame for her iconic clips that were later made into funny memes. Her most popular 'Vine' clip that boosted her popularity further was ‘Who Is She?’ This has been Chloe’s most viral social-media post to date and has garnered millions of loops and thousands of “reVines.” She later made a few more similar “Vines.” Her signature style involved standing with her back toward her viewers and then suddenly flipping her head toward the camera and giving a weird and funny look. Chloe has also been part of the 'Vine' series ‘Camp Unplug.’ She had more than 900 thousand 'Vine' followers before the application was taken down.
Chloe has a 'YouTube' channel where she primarily posts her vlogs. Her original track 'Old Man' is also available on the channel. Although the channel does not have any comedic content yet, it has still managed to earn over 20 thousand subscribers.
Chloe is an ardent lover of art, music, and photography. Her 'Instagram' page is full of her work. Most of her drawings are dark in nature. Her posts have earned Chloe more than 250 thousand followers on the platform. She once collaborated with Iranian–American comedian Christine Sydelko.
Chloe was chosen as a 'Shorty Award' finalist and has attended the 6th annual 'Streamy Awards.' She is currently focusing on her photography, art, and music content. Chloe also loves to compose poems and might come up with some literary work, too.
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Chloe had an intense online feud with popular "Viner" Jake Paul. Jake was accused of copying Chloe’s popular ‘Vine’ clip ‘Who Is She?’ Jake posted a clip titled 'Don't let vine die...' on his 'Twitter' account. The clip was an exact copy of one of Chloe’s “Vines.” She later "tweeted" Jake and requested him to stop using her content. In his response, Jake created another video, copying Chloe’s content again, where he was shown flipping his head and showing her the middle finger. The video fueled the conflict further.
Personal Life
Chloe was born on July 18, 1999, in Naperville, Illinois, US. She grew up with her sister. Chloe later moved to Chicago.
Chloe is a music lover. Her favorite bands are 'Beat Happening,' 'Twin Peaks,' 'Teen Suicide,' 'Talking Heads,' 'Naked Raygun,' and 'Ty Segall.' She loves to listen to the tracks of Roy Lichtenstein, Derek Ridgers, Jo Brocklehurst, and Brandon J Wilkins. Chloe is interested in photography, too, and follows a few photography pages on 'Instagram,' such as '@tm.buddha,' '@cjharvey2,' '@shittyfilm,' and '@abaxley.'
Chloe is a huge fan of Gabriel Gundacker, a popular comedian and "Viner." Chloe once met him in person, too.

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