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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: September 9, 1999 (Virgo)

Born In: Buffalo, New York, United States

RG Official is an American ‘YouTube’ personality who is known for his videos featuring situational comedy, pranks, and challenges. He began his ‘YouTube’ career with his sneaker-collection videos. He next uploaded the video `How to Get Natural Curly Hair in Seconds,’ which crossed over half a million views. Some of his interesting videos are `How to Grow Long Curly Hair in Week,’ ‘2018 Best Hairstyles Tutorial ││Short/Long Hair,’ `First Time Getting Arrested!! │Story Time,’ and `(Men’s Curly Hair Routine│Curl in seconds!!!’ Two of his most popular videos are `Extreme Truth or Dare- College Girls Edition`, with 3 million views, and ‘Smoking Blacks in Walmart ││Ultimate 24 Hour Pillow Fort,’ with 1.7 million views. He is also planning to start his own clothing line. It is known that he is from Buffalo, New York. He has not revealed much regarding his personal life.
Quick Facts

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males

City: Buffalo, New York

U.S. State: New Yorkers

Rise to Stardom
He made his first ‘YouTube’ post in July 2016, with his sneaker-collection video, which showed off his huge collection of shoes. His third video, ‘How to Get Natural Curly Hair in Seconds,’ became his first video to cross half a million views. He continued to upload more and more videos, though only some of them received significant views. Some such videos are `Curly Hair Routine For Men,’ `How to Make a Perfect Man Bun,’ and `How to Grow Long Curly Hair in Week.’
His video `Smoking Blacks in Walmart,’ which was uploaded in August 2018, became his first video to cross a million views. The video has gained over 1.7 million views so far. His next video to cross a million views was `Extreme Truth or Dare- College Girls Edition,’ which was uploaded in December 2018. The video featured him playing `Truth or Dare’ with few young girls and became his most popular video ever, crossing three million views.
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As his channel started earning popularity, he continued to release more videos, such as `I TOLD MY LITTLE SISTER HER BOYFRIEND'S REAL AGE AND THIS HAPPENED,’ `RATING FEMALE SUBSCRIBERS 1-10 FT. CEYNOLIMIT,’ `I FINALLY ASKED MY CRUSH TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND AND THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID...,’ and `MY GIRLFRIEND CONFRONTED ME ABOUT MY SISTER'S MUKBANG!!’ Almost all his videos started receiving hundreds of thousands of views.
His most recent videos are `Copying Everything My Friends Do Prank,’ which was uploaded on June 3, 2019, and `I Put a Bug in My Girlfriend`s Food,’ which was uploaded on June 6, 2019. The former received over 172 thousand views, while the latter has crossed 100 thousand views. Both the videos feature him playing pranks on his friends and his girlfriend.
The most recent video on has channel is ‘WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN US FT. CEYNOLIMIT, BJ GROOVY, YRNDJ │MUKBANG!,’ uploaded on June 18, 2019, with over 140 thousand views.
So far, RG Official has gathered more than 430 thousand followers on ‘YouTube.’ He has over 50 thousand followers on ‘Twitter.’ His ‘Instagram’ account has over 97 thousand followers.
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Family & Personal Life
RG Official has not revealed his real name yet. He was born on September 9, 1999, in Buffalo, New York, US. Not much is known about his early life or parents. He has two sisters, Wendy and Tina Cole, who often appear in his videos.
He has a girlfriend who also appears in his videos, though not much has been revealed about her.

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