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Born in Australia, Charm Norris is the newest member of the family 'YouTube' channel 'The Norris Nuts,' owned by her sisters.

Quick Facts

Birthday: December 8, 2019

Nationality: Australian

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Born Country: Australia

Born in: Newcastle, Australia

Famous as: YouTuber

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father: Justin Norris

mother: Brooke Norris

siblings: Biggy Norris, Disco Norris., Naz Norris, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris

City: Newcastle, Australia

Popularity Index
YouTubers #1656
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Born in Australia, Charm Norris is the newest member of the family 'YouTube' channel 'The Norris Nuts,' owned by her sisters. Even though she is only a few months old, her popularity is already skyrocketing, thanks to her sisters who have been featured on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' Even before she was born, Charm’s parents kept their millions of 'YouTube' subscribers updated about the pregnancy. Thus, in a way, she has been a celebrity since birth. However, she is yet to make an appearance on her sisters' other social-media pages. Charm owns an individual 'Instagram' page, which is managed by her parents. The page showcases some of Charm's most exclusive pictures.

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Charm's Rise to Fame on Social Media
  • Charm was already a star even before she was born. Her parents and sisters managed the successful 'YouTube' channel titled 'The Norris Nuts.' When a video on the channel announced Charm's mother's pregnancy with her, millions of subscribers of the channel deluged the comments section of the video. Subsequently, several videos were posted related to her birth, her mother's pregnancy, and her name selection. In the first year of her life, Charm was often mentioned in the videos on the channel.
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  • After Charm was born, she began making appearances on the vlogs, too, and the audience loved her presence. Her parents created an 'Instagram' page exclusively for her, which gained more than 70 thousand followers in less than 2 weeks. The 'Instagram' page features some of Charm's most exclusive pictures and other snippets from her life. At present, Charm has more than 179 thousand followers on 'Instagram.'
  • Charm's family is highly popular on other social-media platforms, too. The Norris sisters create 'TikTok' videos and have already gained millions of "likes" and followers. It would not be surprising if Charm, too, soon makes her debut on the platform.
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Personal Life & Family
  • Charm Norris was born on December 8, 2019, in Newcastle, Australia, to Justin Norris, an 'Olympic' medalist in swimming, who has also performed for the 'Hunter Swimming Club,' and his wife, Brooke, who is a professional swimmer and has won a junior swimming champion in the past.
  • Charm's eldest sister, Sabre, a surfer, skateboarder, and a Chiari malformation survivor, is the first Australian female and the third female in history to land a 540 on a half-pipe. She is also the second youngest to compete as a wildcard entry in the ‘World Surf League’ event called 'Sydney Pro' at Cronulla Beach. Charm’s other siblings are her brothers, Biggy and Disco, and her sisters, Sockie and Naz, all older than her. Sockie is a skateboarder and a surfer.

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Last Updated : March 25, 2020
Charm Norris

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