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Capron Funk is an American social media star and professional scooter rider. Let’s have a look at his family, personal life, birthday, age, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 28, 1993

Nationality: American

Boyfriend: Natalie Coppes

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Temecula, California

Famous as: Scooter Rider


father: Robert

mother: Kimberly Ann

siblings: Tyler Funk

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Vloggers #391 Instagram Stars #136
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Capron Funk is an American social media star and professional scooter rider. He is one of the members of the famous YouTube channel ‘Funk Bros.’ The channel has gathered more than three million subscribers, and is considered one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the US. Since they post fun-filled videos, their channel is particularly popular among youngsters. Capron and his ‘Funk Bros’ members have also faced several controversies as many other YouTubers have accused them of plagiarism. Nevertheless, the trio has managed to silence many haters and critics. Apart from posting videos on YouTube, Capron has also gained prominence as a rider. He has taken part in several national and international scooter championships. His flips are highly popular and are collectively known as ‘MCFLIP.’ Capron is also famous on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

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Rise to Stardom
  • Capron used to go skateboarding before shifting his attention towards scootering in 2005. He soon discovered his passion for riding scooter and decided to make a career out of it.
  • After polishing his scooter-riding skills, Capron began participating at the local scooter riding competitions. While his cousin Corey accompanied him as a fellow participant, his mother would always be there to support the boys.
  • His mother used to take both the boys to almost all competitions that took place in their city. Capron and Corey kept on participating at the beginner’s level and were soon promoted to the next level. By the end of it all, Capron managed to master many combos, flips, and several other tricks.
  • In 2015, Capron won the second place at the ‘Scooter Hut Pro Series,’ which was held in Melbourne, Australia. He and his cousin, who finished first, received prize money of 20,000 dollars. Capron had performed well at the previous year’s championship too, as he had finished third. He has also participated in many world championships, held in countries like England and Spain. He also competed at a few national professional events, held in places like California, New York, Texas, and Washington.
  • Capron is among the three scooter riders in the world to have performed a double back and front flip. He is sponsored by the popular manufacturing company ‘Lucky Scooters.’
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Social Media Fame
  • Capron, along with his brother Tyler and cousin brother Corey, created a YouTube channel to post fun-filled videos and daily vlogs. They then started posting many adventure-filled videos, featuring trampolines and scooter rides.
  • Their channel ‘Funk Bros’ also has many challenge and prank videos, which contribute to the number of subscribers. The number of subscribers on the channel shot up when AJ Loft, the creator of ‘RodKingz,’ joined hands with Capron and his team.
  • Capron and Corey caught AJ Loft’s attention when they were practicing scooter-riding at the ‘Audie Murphy Skate Park.’ AJ Loft instantly knew that he could turn ‘Funk Bros’ into a significant sports brand across the world.
  • When Capron and his team posted their first YouTube video, they completely ignored their video editor and did not bother to credit him. Their act was criticized by many and they were accused of robbing their editor’s effort.
  • They were then involved in the ‘SMX controversy’ when they tried changing the conventional term ‘scootering’ to ‘SMX’ in order to make it sound cool. Their act was condemned by many scooter enthusiasts and some of them even referred it as plagiarism.
  • Capron came up with a public show called ‘MCFLIP.’ In the show, Capron completed a back-flip over McDonald restaurant’s order counter, which left some of the customers terrified. Though many of them simply ignored the entire act, Capron was trying to convince his viewers that the people there were left awestruck.
  • Capron and his team were also accused of plagiarism by the fellow YouTuber Jack Tenney. Jack claimed that ‘Funk Bros’ had videos similar to that of his own.
Personal Life
  • Capron Funk was born on April 28, 1993 in Temecula, California, USA. He was raised by his parents Robert and Kimberly Ann. His father is an amateur golfer and holds a rank at the national level.
  • Capron attended ‘Temescal Canyon High School.’ He later opted to be home-schooled in order to pursue professional scooter riding.
  • Capron is in a relationship with the social media star Natalie Coppes. Natalie was introduced to Capron’s fans through a video titled ‘Mystery Woman Revealed!’ Natalie went on to appear in many videos, posted on ‘Funk Bros.’
  • Capron enjoys listening to the band ‘Of Monsters and Men.’ He also enjoys listening to artists like Drake and Vanic. He is a good friend of his contemporaries, Rwilly and Raymond Warner. In fact, he considers them as his inspiration. Capron’s favorite spot for scootering is Chino, California.

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Last Updated : April 05, 2018
Capron Funk

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