Birdie Joe Danielson Biography

Birdie Joe Danielson is the daughter of American professional wrestlers Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 9, 2017

Nationality: American

Famous: Family Members American Female

Age: 2 Years

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born Country: United States

Born in: Seattle, Washington, United States

Famous as: Daniel Bryan's Daughter

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mother: Brie Bella

U.S. State: Washington

City: Seattle, Washington

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Birdie Joe Danielson is the daughter of American professional wrestlers Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. Born into a family full of celebrities, Birdie’s fame is intertwined with her mother’s public life. Brie, along with her twin sister, Nikki, has their own reality show, ‘Total Bellas,’ which showcases their family and professional lives. Brie announced her pregnancy and retirement from professional wrestling in 2016.She, however, returned to the ring for a short period, before parting ways with her wrestling partner and sister, Nikki. According to Brie it was a difficult decision, but her daughter takes precedence over everything. As a mother, Brie is optimistic that Birdie will become a professional wrestler like her parents, however, without any pressure from their side. Birdie has started showing early signs of her genetic disposition; she does perfect squats and pesters her aunt to give her heavier weights to lift. She has over 180, 000 followers on Instagram, where her mother keeps sharing pictures of her day-to-day life.

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Famous at Birth
  • Birdie Joe Danielson was born on May 9, 2017, in Seattle, Washington, to professional wrestler Brie Bella (real name Brianna Monique Danielson) and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Lloyd Danielson). Just like other celebrity children, Birdie gained fame overnight. Besides the news of her birth, her every new move is covered in the entertainment media
  • The experience of giving birth to Birdie wasn’t quite what Brie had expected. She went through 21 hours of labour pain in vain, before the doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section. The infant’s head was 14 inches at birth, making it impossible for Birdie to be born through the natural process.
  • Birdie celebrated her second birthday on a day-tour of the ‘Disney World,’ where she was accompanied by her parents and aunt, Nikki, along with her partner Artem Chigvintsev. Brie posted pictures of the “three divas” dressed in coordinated dresses, making the two-year-old look like a celebrity of sorts.
  • In an interview to channel E!, Brie expressed her disbelief at Birdie’s strength. Apparently, the toddler already does perfect squats and can lift 5-pound weights. To the obvious question of whether the little Birdie has a future in professional wrestling, her mother in unison with her wrestler sister, Nikki, said that it is their wish that their daughter follows their footsteps, but it is completely up to the little Birdie to decide where her interests lie. The little one is already exposed to showbiz, since most of her life is documented on the show ‘Total Bellas,’ which features Brie, Nikki, Bryan, and Birdie. Though Brie returned to the arena for a short period, leaving Birdie with Nikki, she finally hung up her jersey in March 2019, stating her physically taxing professional life makes it difficult to take care of her daughter. Birdie has her own Instagram account maintained by her mother, which has more than 180, 000 followers.
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