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Barnaby Dixon is a British puppeteer, animator, musician, singer, and YouTube star. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 1, 1990

Nationality: British

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aries

Born Country: England

Born in: England

Famous as: Vlogger

Popularity Index
Vloggers #937 Instagram Stars #62
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Barnaby J. Dixon is a puppeteer, animator, musician, singer, YouTube star, and social media personality from Britain. He has garnered fame through his self-titled YouTube channel, on which he posts his puppet performances. His ongoing comedy/vlog series with a bird puppet named Dabchick has brought him widespread recognition. Dixon set up his YouTube channel in October 2011 and started posting videos on the same day. Since then, his channel has grown exponentially and currently boasts of over 700 thousand subscribers and nearly 70 million total views. His fame on YouTube has found its way to other social media platforms as well. He has over 50 thousand followers on Twitter, more than 300 thousand followers on Facebook, and over 60 thousand followers on Instagram. He also has more than 300 Patreon supporters. As a stop-motion animator, Dixon has put out well-received projects like ‘Eskos’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in a Shed’.

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Rise to Fame
  • Barnaby Dixon set up his YouTube channel, “barnabydixon,” on October 30, 2011. Later that day, he posted his first video, a stop-motion animated short titled ‘Eskos’. He originally filmed the project in 2009 with space and equipment rented from The Engine Room, Bridgwater. The animated short received positive reviews and has accumulated over 1.8 million total views to date.
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  • On January 24, 2015, he introduced Dabchick to his audience in a ten-second long puppet/stop-motion hybrid video. The character had its official debut on April 4, 2015, in the first episode of the video series, ‘Shell We Dance?’ Until the fourth episode, ‘The Seaside’, Dabchick did not speak. Subsequently, Dixon himself began lending his voice to the character.
  • Dixon revealed a new puppet character on Christmas Day 2015. A velociraptor puppet, it would later become a part of the Dabchick series. On May 26, 2016, Dixon unveiled his latest creation, a tribal humanoid puppet that would eventually be named Manu. He created a dancing video series around the character and used it in the Dabchick series as well. On August 19, 2017, Dixon spoke about a new, glow-in-the-dark bug puppet created in the same fashion as Manu. On 25 August, he introduced the character in a video titled ‘Bug Puppet’, which has since become his most viewed video. “The Bug” was also featured in the Dabchick videos.
  • On October 12, 2017, Dixon introduced a new puppet concept, in which his face was digitally morphed onto a glow-in-the-dark humanoid puppet's head. He later started using the character in his videos. On July 9, 2018, he showed a new, glowing furry puppet, which he created by combining physical aspects of an aardvark, armadillo, and porcupine.
  • On September 20, 2018, he was interviewed by Adam Savage for the web series ‘Tested’. Dixon unveiled a finished concept of a new digital face puppet on October 15, 2018. Created as a spiky, sinister-looking glow-in-the-dark humanoid, it was utilized by Dixon on 30 October during the performance of a cover of ‘Oogie Boogie's Song’ from the 1993 fantasy musical film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Using his puppets, Dixon has done covers of several other songs, including Andy Williams’ ‘Under Paris Skies’, Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’, and David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’. Besides being on YouTube, he often performs puppetry live.
  • In 2013, he released ‘Once Upon a Time in a Shed’, a stop-motion animated Western short film in which the story takes place in “the great indoors.” In 2019, Dixon served as a puppeteer on the Netflix dark fantasy adventure series ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’. He was the creator of the puppet show performed by SkekGra and UrGoh, in which he made use of his own brand of hand puppetry, that has been compared to stop-motion animation.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Barnaby Dixon was born in England on April 1, 1990. Little else is known about his family and upbringing.

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Barnaby Dixon

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