Ashley Ortega Bio

(Youtube Star)

Birthday: February 9, 1997 (Aquarius)

Born In: Southern California

Ashley Ortega is an American YouTube personality, who posts a variety of videos on her YouTube channel. She is famous for posting story time vlogs, pranks, videos related to games, haul videos, day outs, etc. Ashley’s ex-boyfriend, Nathan Boucaud, has been featured in many of her videos. Her alluring beauty and her ability to keep her viewers interested have helped her channel to amass well over 800,000 subscribers. She has also collaborated with other YouTubers, such as Corie Rayvon, Khalil Underwood and Nathan Davis Jr. Ashley is also popular on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Her Instagram account is packed with her beautiful pictures and not surprisingly, Ashley has more than 330,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Quick Facts

Boyfriend: Nathan Boucaud

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Females


siblings: Brooke

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

The YouTube Story
Ashley created her YouTube channel before moving out of her home in Southern California. She posted her first video along with her then boyfriend, Nathan Boucaud, who is also a YouTuber. It was a story time video on how she lost 500 dollars to Nathan in a bet. After that, Nathan and Ashley continued to appear together in almost all her videos. When they both moved to Washington, they shared a lot of videos starting from packing to choosing furniture for their new home.
Nathan then bought Ashley an engagement ring which she was happy about. They were also seen exchanging expensive gifts for Christmas. They were then seen celebrating together when their social media accounts accumulated a million followers. They also took up the famous ‘mannequin challenge’ together. All in all, they were a cute couple and their fans loved watching their vlogs.
But many of Ashley’s fans warned her about Nathan as he was seen talking rudely to her in some of her videos. He kept pestering her for something or the other. He even left her alone when she was suffering from pain which was caused by her wisdom tooth. He repeated the mistake of leaving her alone when she had developed rashes all over her body.
But Ashley never missed a chance to shower love on Nathan and decided to stay with him. She always made sure to plan something special for all his birthdays and thanksgiving days. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end in 2017. Ashley never opened up about the breakup until her fans requested her to do so in a question and answer video. She said petty fights and unnecessary ego issues were the reasons behind their breakup. She also felt that Nathan was exploiting her for his own financial gain.
A few months later, Ashley was once again seen speaking about her ex-boyfriend when she came to know that Nathan and his girlfriend were using her name in their videos. They both said many nasty things about Ashley and tried everything to defame her. She finally decided to move back to California. She then rented a two-bedroom flat which she shared with her friend Corie Rayvon.
She made a clear statement to her fans saying that she has no plans of getting into another relationship any time soon, but destiny had other plans for her. She soon met Nathan Davis Jr. in California and they both spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Nathan Davis Jr. is an actor who played the role of Aubrey in the 2017 film ‘Detroit’. He took Ashley to the film’s screening and eventually asked her out. Ashley agreed and soon, they were dating each other.
Nathan then went on to appear in many of Ashley’s vlogs. They were also seen in many fun videos, such as ‘Bean Boozled’, ‘Extreme Truth or Dare’ and many more. Nathan once composed a song for Ashley which she posted on her channel. Ashley too, got him expensive gifts for his birthday. She even arranged for a dinner at a restaurant which was on the 74th floor of a luxurious hotel. Ashley has also posted videos on body piercings, skin & hair care routine, etc.
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Personal Life
Ashley Ortega was born on February 9, 1997, in Riverside, California. She was raised along with her younger sister, Brooke. Once Ashley turned 18, she started travelling, and has been to places, such as Washington, Florida and Texas. Ashley now resides in her hometown with her best friend, Corie Rayvon. She has a mixed ancestry.

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