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(Partner of American Author and Former Stockbroker, Jordan Ross Belfort)

Born In: United States

Anne Koppe is the current partner of American author, motivational speaker and former stockbroker, Jordan Ross Belfort. She is a businesswoman who looks after her fiancé’s current business dealings as well as manages his motivational speech contracts through his company Global Motivation Inc. Fiercely committed to Belfort, she spoke up in strong support of him after he was being continuously criticized in public forums as well as in social media platforms for his past actions. She has defended him multiple times, by writing open letters on social media and by giving her interviews in various news outlets. A bold, confident, and strong woman, she comes across as someone fully devoted to her partner. She is also the loving mother of a son who she had with her previous husband.
Quick Facts


father: Bruce Koppe

mother: Helen Koppe

children: Bowen Boullianne

Partner: Jordan Belfort

American Female

Life with Jordan Belfort
Anne Koppe met Belfort in 2008. After dating for four years, they got engaged in 2012. Jordan Belfort had lived a flamboyant life during the 1980s and 1990s when he was operating in the stock market as a broker. Belfort defrauded his investors and scammed them into parting with millions of dollars. Legal action was taken against him and he was sentenced to 22 months in prison and was asked to repay the investors’ losses.
Koppe entered his life long after his golden days were over. In fact, they met when Belfort was trying hard to rebuild his life. When the couple met in 2008, Belfort was working as a writer and a motivational speaker. Koppe stayed alongside him throughout the process of rebuilding his life and defended him whenever she had to. After four years of dating Belfort, Koppe accepted his proposal of getting engaged and taking the relationship to the next level.
Koppe has been very vocal in defending her fiancé under various circumstances whenever he was targeted by the media as well as the general public. She voiced her opinion of how Belfort has been working hard as a person in trying to make up for the mistakes that he committed almost twenty years ago. She has spoken in various forums about how unfairly Belfort has been treated even after serving his jail term and constantly working towards repaying his clients of their losses.
In one letter to the judges, Koppe informed them of how Belfort has changed as a person and is “no longer a criminal”. She also stated that he has been working honestly towards repaying the dues to his clients and contributing to the society as an honest taxpayer. Currently, she manages his meetings with his clients and schedules his speaking commitments.
Belfort has always credited Koppe as a positive influence in his life. She supported him wholeheartedly when he had started to work on his new life after serving the 22-month jail term between 2004 and 2006. Belfort has not only found his true love in Koppe, but has also found the much-needed source of support and compassion which, according to him, lets him lead a normal life despite all the negativity around him. He shares a great bond with Koppe’s son Bowen Boullianne, who is currently studying in Gold Coast.
Personal Life
Anne Koppe’s parents are Bruce Koppe and Helen Koppe. Details about her early life are not available. She has a son named Bowen Boullianne from her previous marriage and currently lives in Brisbane with Belfort.

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