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Quick Facts

Birthday: September 1, 1994

Nationality: Danish

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Alexander Tobias Holtti, Alex

Born in: Denmark

Famous as: Viner, YouTuber

Height: 6'1" (185 cm), 6'1" Males


mother: Anne Elisabeth Lander

siblings: Emily, Louisa, Mathilde

Popularity Index
Viners #69 Social Media Stars #620
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Alexander Tobias Holtti, popularly known as Alex Holtti, is a social media star who rose to fame as a comedic Vine creator. Starting with Vine, he has now an impressive presence on almost all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He is good friends with fellow Vine star Brent Rivera and the two often collaborate together. His popularity on Vine grew so much that he has been approached to make sponsored Vines for brands like McDonald's. He created a series of funny "minions invasion" Vines for the brand. He is also a good singer and is known for singing cover songs. He has been a part of the EGO Tour 2016, along with many other social media stars like Tasia Alexis, Brent Rivera, Liza Koshy, Jake Paul, Lance Stewart and Crawford Collins.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • According to Alex Holtti, he has been "addicted" to acting and music since he was a child. He found an outlet for his acting and musical talents through the short video sharing site Vine. Since he started to use Vine, his life has taken an unexpected turn. His funny video uploads have made him a famous social media icon in no time. He has gained over 3.5 million fans on the platform. He later moved to YouTube to expand his reach to other types of contents. He posts funny reaction videos, challenges and cover songs, among other things, on his YouTube channel named "AlexHoltti". He is also known for his "expectation vs. reality" videos. He recently created a second YouTube channel, "Alex Holtti Two", to post vlogs and other random videos. On his main YouTube channel, he has nearly half a million subscribers. He has 438k followers on Instagram and 195k followers on Twitter.
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What Makes Alex Holtti So Special
  • Alex is most famous for his videos with unique blend of humor that he posts on Vine and YouTube. To friends and family, he has been known for his goofy behavior for a long time. He brought that into his videos and loves to make funny expressions. He is also talented in music and his interest in music was probably spurred by his father who is a good musician. He comes from a musically inclined family. His father plays the guitar and the piano, and all his sisters can sing well. After he gained popularity as a social media star, he started to take his passion for acting and music seriously. He himself can sing and has sung cover versions of many popular songs like "Disconnected" by 5 Seconds of Summer and "18" by One Direction. He can also play the guitar and can be seen playing for his younger sister Mathilde's cover songs. He is a fan of Justin Bieber and One Direction.
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Beyond Fame
  • Despite the fact that Alex rose to fame on the looping video sharing site Vine, his favorite social media platform is YouTube. According to him, it is because of the types of contents he can work with. He says that all the content options Vine offers have already been covered numerous times by a lot of people on the platform. As such, it is next to impossible to create a video on an original idea without anyone commenting that the idea has been copied from some other content already available on Vine. Out of frustration, he decided to move to YouTube, which, he thinks, offers much more flexibility when it comes to topics for his videos. Interestingly, Vine has recently decided to close the platform for good. Considering that Alex has already moved to YouTube, he won't have to suffer much of a loss due to the closure of Vine.
  • Even though Alex is always funny and cheerful, he seemed to have gone through a rough patch of depression in the recent past. He had stopped uploading videos on YouTube for almost a year. After returning, he briefly talked about it in his videos, without giving much detail. However, his girlfriend had even created a fundraiser captioned "Help Alex Holtti" in November 2016.
Behind The Curtains
  • Alexander Tobias Holtti was born on September 1, 1994, in a small town in Denmark. He has two older sisters, Louisa and Emily, and a younger sister Mathilde. His parents divorced when he was very young. Both his parents remarried and he has six step-siblings. His father is from Finland and he regularly goes to visit his family there. He promoted his step-brother Markus Lander on his Facebook page when he entered a skateboarding contest. His sister Mathilde Holtti is also a popular social media star who gained fame on Vine. Alex convinced her to join YouTube a few years ago, and even created an account for her. He is currently in a relationship with Luna Overgaard Brejning.

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Last Updated : April 25, 2018
Alex Holtti

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