AJ Mitchell Biography

(American Singer-Songwriter)

Birthday: May 17, 2001 (Taurus)

Born In: Belleville, Illinois, United States

Social media makes it possible for people to instantly become famous at a very young age. With the potential offered by social media, some young artists have not only become famous, but also built careers that can offer them good monetary rewards. One such youngster who got instant fame is AJ Mitchell. AJ gained popularity as a multifaceted personality on many social media channels. AJ is both a singer and a songwriter. He is also an accomplished piano player. He has this unique talent of writing his own songs, composing music for them, and singing them. Though much is not known about the childhood of AJ, he revealed once that his parents and other family members gave good encouragement in his childhood. After he got some grip over music, AJ started publishing his content on the social network site Instagram. His videos proved to be very popular among both the young and older music lovers. He has currently got over 674K followers on that social media channel.
The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
AJ can be called a child prodigy. He started playing musical instruments like piano when he was just five years old. While his fame started to increase immediately after he posted his own short videos on social media networks, it was only when he started writing and singing his own songs that his fame touched great heights. When he started developing his own music videos, he started posting them on the popular video based social media channel YouTube. His first full cover that was posted on YouTube brought him quick popularity. After that most of his videos got a good recognition on YouTube. Some his own songs are ‘The Girl You Used to Be’, ‘Reminds me of you’ and ‘Alright.’ Later, AJ started posting even shorter videos on another social media app popular among the younger generation: Vine. His videos proved to be equally attention-grabbing on Vine and he had around 85K followers as of October 2016.
His popularity got a further boost when the Vine diva Jake Paul approached him to work together. It was later said that Jake Paul was impressed by the voice of AJ. As Jake Paul is an actor who has worked with some of the best studios in the world like Disney, fans of AJ expect that he would be acting in some movies of the top studios in the world in future.
What Makes AJ So Special
In the days of instant fame, it is very rare to find an artist with multiple skills. It is the multiple skills possessed by AJ like writing songs, composing music, and singing them on his own without taking any help from other artists that made him very special among his fans and followers. Moreover, his charming looks and a pleasing personality also make him very popular among his female fans. According to some critics, the main reason for the popularity is his sweet voice.
Beyond Fame
AJ has always stayed away from controversy in his personal and professional life. Being a youngster, who is still in his teens, AJ is not involved in any love affair. In professional life too, no major controversies have erupted over AJ. Fans expect that he stays away from controversies even as his fame quickly grows.
Personal Life
In order to grow his career as an artist, AJ decided to move to a place which is more conducive for the growth of a young artist. In the beginning of 2016, he moved to Los Angeles. The close proximity to Hollywood in particular and the entertainment in general will definitely improve the future fortunes of AJ.
After he became famous, he was featured on ‘People’ Magazine's ‘Snapchat story 15 Instagram Covers of Love Songs That Will Make You Swoon’ list.

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