Throughout history, there have been many Norwegian women singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Norwegian female singers such as Lene Nystrøm, Angelina Jordan, Aylar Lie, Astrid S, Marion Raven.
Astrid SAstrid S
29 October 1996, Norwegian
Lene NystrømLene Nystrøm
02 October 1973, Norwegian

Sigrid RaabeSigrid Raabe
05 September 1996, Norwegian
Singer, Songwriter, Dancer

Anni-Frid LyngstadAnni-Frid Lyngstad
15 November 1945, Norwegian, Swedish

Aylar LieAylar Lie
12 February 1984, Norwegian
Adult Film Star, Singer, Model, Actor

Ane BrunAne Brun
10 March 1976, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Angelina JordanAngelina Jordan
10 January 2006, Norwegian

Marion RavenMarion Raven
25 May 1984, Norwegian
Singer, Songwriter

Sissel KyrkjebøSissel Kyrkjebø
24 June 1969, Norwegian
Singer, Musician, Opera singer

Marit LarsenMarit Larsen
01 July 1983, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist
Liv KristineLiv Kristine
14 February 1976, Norwegian
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Lene MarlinLene Marlin
17 August 1980, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist
Maria MenaMaria Mena
19 February 1986, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Mari BoineMari Boine
08 November 1956, Norwegian
Musician, songwriter, record producer

Ida MariaIda Maria
13 July 1984, Norwegian
Singer, Musician, Guitarist
Vibeke SteneVibeke Stene
17 August 1978, Norwegian
Singer, Opera singer, Vocal coach

Noora NoorNoora Noor
08 July 1979, Norwegian