Discover the notable alumni of Michigan State University. The list includes people like Draymond Green, Tee Grizzley, Tyler Oakley, Hailie Jade & Richard Ford. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as intellectuals & academics, media personalities, writers, sportspersons and singers etc.
Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson
14 August 1959, American
Basketball player
Draymond Jamal Green Sr.Draymond Green
04 March 1990, American
Basketball Star

Chris HansenChris Hansen
13 September 1959, American

Tee GrizzleyTee Grizzley
23 March 1994, American
Rapper, Songwriter

Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley
22 March 1989, American

Morten AndersenMorten Andersen
19 August 1960, Danish, American
American Football Kicker
Richard FordRichard Ford
16 February 1944, American
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Eli BroadEli Broad
06 June 1933, American
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Alfred Day HersheyAlfred Day Hershey
04 December 1908, American
Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine
Hailie JadeHailie Jade
25 December 1995, American
Eminem’s Daughter

Heidi PrzybylaHeidi Przybyla
18 November 1973, American
Kaelyn PetrasKaelyn Petras
25 March 1988, American

Sam RaimiSam Raimi
23 October 1959, American
American film director

Nick FolesNick Foles
20 January 1989, American
American Football Player

Tom SizemoreTom Sizemore
29 November 1961, American

Gretchen WhitmerGretchen Whitmer
23 August 1971, American
Adam GaseAdam Gase
29 March 1978, American
Football coach

Bubba SmithBubba Smith
28 February 1945, American
American football player

Kirk CousinsKirk Cousins
19 August 1988, American
American football player

Geoff JohnsGeoff Johns
25 January 1973, American
Rashad EvansRashad Evans
25 September 1979, American
Mixed martial artist

Dan GilbertDan Gilbert
17 January 1962, American
Andre RisonAndre Rison
18 March 1967, American
American Football Player

Debbie StabenowDebbie Stabenow
29 April 1950, American

Gary PetersGary Peters
01 December 1958, American
Shannon BrownShannon Brown
29 November 1985, American
Basketball Player

Paul StookeyPaul Stookey
30 December 1937, American
Musician, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist
Dick MartinDick Martin
30 January 1922, American
American comedian

Robert TapertRobert Tapert
14 May 1955, American
Film producer

Steve GarveySteve Garvey
22 December 1948, American
Baseball player
Gary HarrisGary Harris
13 September 1994, American
Basketball Player

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George SteeleGeorge Steele
16 April 1937, American
Walter HillWalter Hill
10 January 1942, American
Film director

Ted RaimiTed Raimi
14 December 1965, American

Brian HoyerBrian Hoyer
13 October 1985, American
American football player

Kirk GibsonKirk Gibson
28 May 1957, American
Baseball player
Tony MandarichTony Mandarich
23 September 1966, Canadian, American
Football player
Jim HarrisonJim Harrison
11 December 1937, American

Gray MaynardGray Maynard
09 May 1979, American
Mixed martial artist

Tom GoresTom Gores
31 July 1964, American

Jackie MartlingJackie Martling
14 February 1948, American
Actor, Film actor
Eric D. ThomasEric D. Thomas
03 September 1970, American

Russell KirkRussell Kirk
19 October 1918, American
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,

Thom HartmannThom Hartmann
07 May 1951, American
Radio personality, Author, Journalist, Writer

Muhsin MuhammadMuhsin Muhammad
05 May 1973, American
American football player

Rollo MayRollo May
21 April 1909, American
Richard CordrayRichard Cordray
03 May 1959, American

Richa GangopadhyayRicha Gangopadhyay
20 March 1986, Indian
Herb AdderleyHerb Adderley
08 June 1939, American
American football player

Jim WallisJim Wallis
04 June 1948, American

Robin RobertsRobin Roberts
30 September 1926, American
Baseball player
Mr. WrestlingMr. Wrestling
28 July 1934, American

Theda SkocpolTheda Skocpol
04 May 1947, American
Historian, Political scientist, Sociology,
Ralph GillesRalph Gilles
14 January 1970, Canadian, American
CEO of Street & Racing Technology

David Cay JohnstonDavid Cay Johnston
24 December 1948, American

Clare FischerClare Fischer
22 October 1928, American

Charles BachmanCharles Bachman
11 December 1924, American
Computer Scientist

Sylvia LimSylvia Lim
28 March 1965, Singaporean
Carolyn ForchéCarolyn Forché
28 April 1950, American

Dorothy DeLayDorothy DeLay
31 March 1917, American
Violin Instructor

Allyssa DeHaanAllyssa DeHaan
21 June 1988, American
Basketball player

Lloyd Groff CopemanLloyd Groff Copeman
28 December 1881, American
Robert Klark GrahamRobert Klark Graham
09 June 1906, American

Liberty Hyde BaileyLiberty Hyde Bailey
15 March 1858, American
Goran SutonGoran Suton
11 August 1985, Bosnian, Croatian, American
Basketball player

Akhtar Hameed KhanAkhtar Hameed Khan
15 July 1914, Pakistani

Erazem LorbekErazem Lorbek
21 February 1984, Slovenian
Basketball player
Zororo MakambaZororo Makamba
17 January 1990, Zimbabwean

William BagleyWilliam Bagley
15 March 1874, American
Jehuu CaulcrickJehuu Caulcrick
06 August 1983, Liberian
American football player

Gavin SchillingGavin Schilling
10 November 1995, German
Basketball player

Mike LabinjoMike Labinjo
08 July 1980, Canadian, American
Football player
Areeya ChumsaiAreeya Chumsai
28 June 1971, Thai

Dika NewlinDika Newlin
22 November 1923, American
Alexander Trotman, Baron TrotmanAlexander Trotman, Baron Trotman
22 July 1933, British

Charles Edwin BesseyCharles Edwin Bessey
21 May 1845, American

Peter SecchiaPeter Secchia
15 April 1937, American

Situated in East Lansing, Michigan, is Michigan State University which is a public research university that was founded in the year 1855. Being one of the country’s first universities of higher education to teach scientific agriculture, the university often finds itself in the lists of the top 30 public universities in the United States and the top 100 research universities, worldwide. It is also the nation’s pioneer land-grant university, which sprawls across a massive 5200 acres. The University offers over 200 academic programs spanning across 17 residential colleges, professional schools and other academic units. Many of its programs such as criminology, educational psychology, nuclear physics, veterinary medicine and so on are ranked as best in the nation, as per U.S. News & World Report. With the mission to expand its reach across the globe, Michigan State University has gone international with its campus in Dubai. Michigan State University is an integral member of the Association of American Universities and is even regarded as a Public Ivy. Being under the category of being a ‘more selective’ college as per U.S. News & World Report, the university still manages to be one of the largest universities of the United States, in terms of enrollment. Maurice Ager, William David Brohn, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ray Stannard Baker and Jim Cash, all were once students of this institute. Presenting to you, a list of notable alumni’s from Michigan State University.