Famous People From Lithuania
Lithuania is a country in northern Europe that is bordered by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast. Once a den of the Baltic tribes the country was occupied by the Soviet Union and later by Nazi Germany before declaring itself independent, in 1990. The country has had courageous leaders, who have heroically stood for the country and even gave their life for it. Mindaugas was the first and only King of Lithuanian who ruled the country from 1236 until his death in 1263. After the death of Mindaugas, the country had a bevy of rulers, most prominent amongst them being Vytautas the Great, Jogaila and so on. Jonas Basanavicius is fondly referred to as the father of Lithuanian Act of Independence of 1918. Mykolas Sleževičius served as the Prime Minister of Lithuania thrice. Furthermore, he is credited with organizing the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Post-independence, Vytautas became the first leader of the Supreme Council. Incumbent president, Dalia Grybauskaite became the first female President of Lithuania after her appointment in 2009. Furthermore, she became the first President to be re-elected consecutively in 2014 of modern Lithuania. Check this section to find more interesting facts about famous Lithuanian leader, their life and their works.
Tadeusz KościuszkoTadeusz Kościuszko
04 February 1746
Political Leader
Dalia GrybauskaitėDalia Grybauskaitė
01 March 1956
President of Lithuania

Antanas SmetonaAntanas Smetona
10 August 1874
Former President of Lithuania

Valdas AdamkusValdas Adamkus
03 November 1926
Former President of Lithuania

Algirdas BrazauskasAlgirdas Brazauskas
22 September 1932
Yachting and Hunting

Rolandas PaksasRolandas Paksas
10 June 1956
Former President of Lithuania
Jonas ŽemaitisJonas Žemaitis
15 March 1909
Former President of Lithuania

1203 AD
Grand Duke of Lithuania

1350 AD
1275 AD

Vytautas LandsbergisVytautas Landsbergis
18 October 1932
Politician, Chess player, Musicologist, Music
Mordecai KaplanMordecai Kaplan
11 June 1881

Pyotr Nikolayevich WrangelPyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel
27 August 1878
Military Officer

Elazar ShachElazar Shach
01 January 1899
Political leader

Jan Karol ChodkiewiczJan Karol Chodkiewicz
1560 AD
Military Commander

Virgilijus AleknaVirgilijus Alekna
13 February 1972
Discus thrower, politician
Kazimierz PułaskiKazimierz Pułaski
06 March 1745

Elimelech of LizhenskElimelech of Lizhensk
1717 AD

Hugo KołłątajHugo Kołłątaj
01 April 1750

Louis GinzbergLouis Ginzberg
28 November 1873
Meir VilnerMeir Vilner
23 October 1918

Justas PaleckisJustas Paleckis
22 January 1899
Artūras PaulauskasArtūras Paulauskas
23 August 1953
Politician, Lawyer

Kazys GriniusKazys Grinius
17 December 1866

Vincas Krėvė-MickevičiusVincas Krėvė-Mickevičius
19 October 1882
Antanas MerkysAntanas Merkys
20 January 1887

Artūras ZuokasArtūras Zuokas
21 February 1968
Politician, Journalist
Józef Antoni PoniatowskiJózef Antoni Poniatowski
1763 AD

Arūnas ValinskasArūnas Valinskas
28 November 1966
Television presenter