Discover the notable alumni of Kabul University. The list includes people like Ashraf Ghani, Ahmad Shah Massoud, Mohammad Najibullah, Burhanuddin Rabbani & Babrak Karmal. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, lawyers & judges, miscellaneous, media personalities and writers etc.
Ahmad Shah MassoudAhmad Shah Massoud
02 September 1953, Afghan
Former Afghan Military & Political Leader
Ashraf GhaniAshraf Ghani
12 February 1949, Afghan
13th President of Afghanistan

Mohammad NajibullahMohammad Najibullah
06 August 1947, Afghan
President of Afghanistan

Burhanuddin RabbaniBurhanuddin Rabbani
20 September 1940, Afghan
Politician, Educationist, University teacher

Nur Muhammad TarakiNur Muhammad Taraki
15 July 1917, Afghan
Politician, Poet, Writer, Journalist

Babrak KarmalBabrak Karmal
06 January 1929, Afghan
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer