Discover the notable alumni of Harvard Business School. The list includes people like Ratan Tata, Bill Ackman, Michael Collins, Sunil Bharti Mittal & Jim Lovell. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, miscellaneous, business people, lawyers & judges and intellectuals & academics etc.
Ratan Tata Ratan Tata
28 December 1937, Indian
Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons
Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg
14 February 1942, American
Mayor of New York City

Bill AckmanBill Ackman
11 May 1966, American
CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management

Robert KraftRobert Kraft
05 June 1941, American
Chief Executive Officer of the New England

Stephen CoveyStephen Covey
24 October 1932, American
Writer of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective

Wilbur RossWilbur Ross
28 November 1937, American
Abigail JohnsonAbigail Johnson
19 December 1961, American
CEO of Fidelity Investments

Tagg RomneyTagg Romney
21 March 1970, American
Son of Mitt Romney

Marillyn HewsonMarillyn Hewson
27 December 1953, American
CEO of Lockheed Martin
Sunil Bharti MittalSunil Bharti Mittal
23 October 1957, Indian
Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprise

Jorge Paulo LemannJorge Paulo Lemann
26 August 1939, Brazilian
Michael CollinsMichael Collins
31 October 1930, Italian, American
NASA Astronaut, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11

Jim LovellJim Lovell
25 March 1928, American

Michael MullenMichael Mullen
04 October 1946, American
Naval Officer

Fred HaiseFred Haise
14 November 1933, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator, Fighter pilot

Vicente FoxVicente Fox
02 July 1942, Mexican
Politician, Economist
George YeoGeorge Yeo
13 September 1954, Singaporean

Jeffrey ToobinJeffrey Toobin
21 May 1960, American

L.A. ReidL.A. Reid
07 June 1956, American
Record executive

Paul BremerPaul Bremer
30 September 1941, American
Melvin GordonMelvin Gordon
26 November 1919, American
Business executive

Grover NorquistGrover Norquist
19 October 1956, American
Julie BishopJulie Bishop
17 July 1956, Australian
Jurist, Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Glen TaylorGlen Taylor
20 April 1941, American

Jason KilarJason Kilar
26 April 1971, American
Charo Santos-ConcioCharo Santos-Concio
27 October 1955, Filipino

Ruzwana BashirRuzwana Bashir
28 July 1983, British
Robert Louis-DreyfusRobert Louis-Dreyfus
14 June 1946, Swiss, French

Bruce WassersteinBruce Wasserstein
25 December 1947, American
Banker, Financier, Investment banker

William RothWilliam Roth
22 July 1921, American
Michael LyntonMichael Lynton
01 January 1960, American
Chief executive officer, Entrepreneur,

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Jennifer HymanJennifer Hyman
24 August 1980, American
CEO of Rent the Runway
Louis V. Gerstner Jr.Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
01 March 1942, American

Jeremy StoppelmanJeremy Stoppelman
10 November 1977, American

Stuart RoosaStuart Roosa
16 August 1933, American

C. K. PrahaladC. K. Prahalad
08 August 1941, Indian
Economist, University teacher
Naina Lal KidwaiNaina Lal Kidwai
1957 AD, Indian
Jim BalsillieJim Balsillie
03 February 1961, Canadian

Vittorio ColaoVittorio Colao
03 October 1961, Italian
Manager, Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Frank LorenzoFrank Lorenzo
19 May 1940, American

Peter LougheedPeter Lougheed
26 July 1928, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Dan BricklinDan Bricklin
16 July 1951, American
Computer scientist, Entrepreneur, Engineer,

Timothy C. DraperTimothy C. Draper
11 June 1958, American

Stanley MarcusStanley Marcus
20 April 1905, American

Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr.Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr.
02 March 1928, American

Katia BeauchampKatia Beauchamp
Robert KomerRobert Komer
23 February 1922, American
Political Figure

Daniel VasellaDaniel Vasella
15 August 1953, Swiss
Swiss medical doctor
Ann M. FudgeAnn M. Fudge
23 April 1951, American

Alan LakeinAlan Lakein
1938 AD, American

Hayley BarnaHayley Barna
1983 AD, American
J. Carter BrownJ. Carter Brown
08 October 1934, American
Art historian

Steve BurkeSteve Burke
14 August 1958, American
Peter M. HaasPeter M. Haas
20 December 1918, American
Business executive

John DieboldJohn Diebold
08 June 1926, American

J. Hugh LiedtkeJ. Hugh Liedtke
10 February 1922, American

William T. GoldenWilliam T. Golden
25 October 1909, American
Investment Banker

James D. WolfensohnJames D. Wolfensohn
01 December 1933, Australian, American
Alexa Von TobelAlexa Von Tobel
06 October 1983, American
CEO of LearnVest

Richard Gordon DarmanRichard Gordon Darman
10 May 1943, American

George Malcolm WhiteGeorge Malcolm White
01 November 1920, American

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