Ancient Greece had been the mecca of all things grand. From colossal architectures to rich culture, scientific discoveries to mathematical findings, greatest poets to legendary writers, founders of philosophy to father of history, Greece has seen it all. It was by far the greatest civilization in history which valued history, education, people and place. And adding greatness to them all were Greek leaders. Brave and valiant, they were the real heroes of Greece who spearheaded the country to what it is today. Remember Greek leader Alexander the Great? He is till date regarded as the greatest military commander in history. Alexander was responsible for the expansion of Greek empire to its greatest size. Such was his heroism that he never lost a battle fought! Other prominent Greek leaders of the ancient times include Cleisthenes, who is best known as the Father of Athenian Democracy, Demosthenes was considered the greatest Greek orator, Pericles led Greece during its Golden Age and was the force behind numerous structures that still adorn the landscape of Athens, Solon who laid the foundations for democracy in modern Greece and so on. Discover some more interesting information and facts about famous Greek leaders, their life and works with this segment.
Cleopatra Cleopatra

0069 BC


0494 BC

Saint NicholasSaint Nicholas

15 March 0270


0638 BC

Antonis SamarasAntonis Samaras

23 May 1951

Yiannis BoutarisYiannis Boutaris

13 June 1942


0111 BC

George PapadopoulosGeorge Papadopoulos

05 May 1919

Pyrrhus of EpirusPyrrhus of Epirus

0319 BC

Maximinus ThraxMaximinus Thrax

0173 AD

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Muhammad Ali of EgyptMuhammad Ali of Egypt

04 March 1769

Alexis TsiprasAlexis Tsipras

28 July 1974

Seleucus I NicatorSeleucus I Nicator

0359 BC

Constantine I of GreeceConstantine I of Greece

02 August 1868


0525 BC


0900 BC

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0595 BC

George II of GreeceGeorge II of Greece

20 July 1890

Paul of GreecePaul of Greece

14 December 1901

Otto of GreeceOtto of Greece

01 June 1815

Alexander of GreeceAlexander of Greece

01 August 1893

Ioannis MetaxasIoannis Metaxas

12 April 1871

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Eleftherios VenizelosEleftherios Venizelos

23 August 1864


Prokopis PavlopoulosProkopis Pavlopoulos

10 July 1950


Kyriakos MitsotakisKyriakos Mitsotakis

04 March 1968

Melina MercouriMelina Mercouri

31 October 1920

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0570 BC


0360 BC

George PapandreouGeorge Papandreou

13 February 1888

Georgios PapadopoulosGeorgios Papadopoulos

05 May 1919

Andreas PapandreouAndreas Papandreou

05 February 1919

Theodoros KolokotronisTheodoros Kolokotronis

03 April 1770

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0418 BC

Ioannis KapodistriasIoannis Kapodistrias

11 February 1776

Nikolaos MichaloliakosNikolaos Michaloliakos

11 December 1957


0396 AD


0650 BC

Ptolemy III EuergetesPtolemy III Euergetes

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Konstantinos KaramanlisKonstantinos Karamanlis

08 March 1907

Pope TelesphorusPope Telesphorus

Agesilaus IIAgesilaus II

0444 BC

Pope Sixtus IIPope Sixtus II

Georgios PapandreouGeorgios Papandreou

13 February 1888

Pope HyginusPope Hyginus

18 March 0074

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0530 BC

Spiros LatsisSpiros Latsis

15 August 1946


0752 AD


0460 BC

John VI KantakouzenosJohn VI Kantakouzenos

1292 AD

Kostas KaramanlisKostas Karamanlis

14 September 1956

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0574 BC

Lucas PapademosLucas Papademos

11 October 1947


0389 BC

Karolos PapouliasKarolos Papoulias

04 June 1929

Dimitris AvramopoulosDimitris Avramopoulos

06 June 1953

Pope EleuterusPope Eleuterus

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Costas SimitisCostas Simitis

23 June 1936

Konstantinos StephanopoulosKonstantinos Stephanopoulos

15 August 1926

Miltiades the YoungerMiltiades the Younger

0550 BC

Alexander PapagosAlexander Papagos

09 December 1883


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Constantine KaramanlisConstantine Karamanlis

08 March 1907

Vassilis LeventisVassilis Leventis

02 November 1951


0510 BC

Maria Amalia MercouriMaria Amalia Mercouri

18 October 1920

Constantine Alexander KaramanlisConstantine Alexander Karamanlis

14 September 1956