Georgia is a country with a rich cultural history and Georgians over the past several centuries have made major contributions to the world in different fields. King David IV and Queen Tamar are among the most significant historical figures in Georgia as the Kingdom of Georgia saw its Golden Age during their reign. In the ensuing centuries, the kingdom saw numerous major political conquests before finally becoming a unitary semi-presidential republic. Social revolutionary and journalist Noe Zhordania created history by becoming the 1st President of Democratic Republic of Georgia. Besides having a vibrant political history, the nation is also famous for having produced famous religious and academic figures like Grigol Peradze, Elie Melia, Ilia II, Grigol Tsereteli, and Mikheil Tsereteli. Talking of its cultural figures, famous Georgian artist Iago Dekanozishvili is renowned worldwide for reviving the prized art form Georgian cloisonne enamelwork. Musically rich and diverse, the country has been home to revered composers like Bidzina Kvernadze, Zurab Nadarejshvili, and Zakaria Paliashvili who have enriched the world of music with their rare talent. Read on to learn more about the life and works of famous Georgians hailing from diverse fields and occupations.
Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
18 December 1878
Communist Revolutionary & Ruler of former USSR
Lavrentiy BeriaLavrentiy Beria
29 March 1899

Yakov DzhugashviliYakov Dzhugashvili
18 March 1907
Joseph Stalin's Son

Katie MeluaKatie Melua
16 September 1984
British-Georgian singer-songwriter

Mikheil SaakashviliMikheil Saakashvili
21 December 1967

Aram KhachaturianAram Khachaturian
06 June 1903
Tamar of GeorgiaTamar of Georgia
1160 AD

Kakha KaladzeKakha Kaladze
22 February 1978
Politician, Footballer

Sergei WitteSergei Witte
17 June 1849

Maximus the ConfessorMaximus the Confessor
0580 AD
Tigran PetrosianTigran Petrosian
17 June 1929
Chess player, Writer, Journalist

David IV of GeorgiaDavid IV of Georgia
1073 AD
Aleksei BrusilovAleksei Brusilov
31 August 1853
officer, memoirist

Zviad GamsakhurdiaZviad Gamsakhurdia
31 March 1939

Boris AkuninBoris Akunin
20 May 1956
Writer, Translator, Historian, Science fiction
Nodar KumaritashviliNodar Kumaritashvili
25 November 1988

Sandra RoelofsSandra Roelofs
23 December 1968
Shota RustaveliShota Rustaveli
1172 AD
Poet, thinker, statesman, prince, treasurer

Nino BurjanadzeNino Burjanadze
16 July 1964

Sergei BagapshSergei Bagapsh
04 March 1949
Eduard KokoityEduard Kokoity
31 October 1964
Former President of South Ossetia

Vladislav ArdzinbaVladislav Ardzinba
14 May 1945
Grigoriy OrdzhonikidzeGrigoriy Ordzhonikidze
24 October 1886

Viktor HambardzumyanViktor Hambardzumyan
18 September 1908

Niko PirosmanashviliNiko Pirosmanashvili
05 May 1862