Find out more about the greatest Gabonese, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Catilina Aubameyang, Bruno Ecuele Manga, Alain Moussi and Mario Lemina.
Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang

18 June 1989

Alain MoussiAlain Moussi

29 March 1981

Catilina AubameyangCatilina Aubameyang

01 September 1983

Bruno Ecuele MangaBruno Ecuele Manga

16 July 1988

Omar BongoOmar Bongo
(Gabonese Politician)

30 December 1935

Jean PingJean Ping
(Gabonese diplomat)

24 November 1942

François BozizéFrançois Bozizé
(Former President of the Central African Republic)

14 October 1946

Daniel CousinDaniel Cousin
(Gabonese footballer)

02 February 1977

Edith Lucie BongoEdith Lucie Bongo
(Omar Bongo's wife)

10 March 1964

Patience DabanyPatience Dabany

22 January 1944

Didier OvonoDidier Ovono
(Football goalkeeper)

23 January 1983

Jean-Hilaire AubameJean-Hilaire Aubame

10 November 1912

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Nathalie MakomaNathalie Makoma

24 February 1982

André Biyogo PokoAndré Biyogo Poko
(Gabonese football player)

07 March 1993

Patrice TrovoadaPatrice Trovoada
(Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe)

18 March 1962

Stephane LasmeStephane Lasme
(Gabonese basketball player)

17 December 1982

Samson MbinguiSamson Mbingui
(Gabonese footballer)

09 February 1992

Théodore Nzue NguemaThéodore Nzue Nguema

09 November 1973