What comes to your mind when you first think of French music? A 1950s setting in a café with an accordion playing in the background! Well, not that you are entirely wrong for French music does have its roots well laid in classical music, but today, it has evolved radically from its traditional folk music days! Anyone who has an ear for global music would agree that French music today has taken the top spots in the world music charts, and made a place for itself in all styles be it classical, ballads, romantic or contemporary electronic. And much of the credit for the accomplishment goes to the talented pool of singers and musicians who have steered French music safely to the world’s top charts. While you may be humming and dancing to the tunes of contemporary French singers such as Benjamin Biolay, Camille, Christophe Mae, Zaz or even BB Brunes today, note that they are mere successors. The heart of French music still vibrates the tunes and songs of classical French singers of all times, some of whom include Serge Gainsbourg, Editth Paif, Mylene Farmer, George Brassens, Charles Aznavour, Yves Montand and Maurice Chevalier. Read this segment and get droned in the life and works of famous French singers.
Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne
27 September 1984
Vanessa ParadisVanessa Paradis
22 December 1972
Singer & Actress

Charlotte GainsbourgCharlotte Gainsbourg
21 July 1971

Josephine BakerJosephine Baker
03 June 1906

Kathie Lee GiffordKathie Lee Gifford
16 August 1953
TV Host, Actress

Lindsay HartleyLindsay Hartley
17 April 1978
Carla BruniCarla Bruni
23 December 1967
French-Italian singer-songwriter

DJ SnakeDJ Snake
13 June 1986

Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour
22 May 1924
Claudine LongetClaudine Longet
29 January 1941
Singer, Actress

Thomas MarsThomas Mars
15 April 1976
Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier
12 September 1888
Actor, Singer

Nora ArnezederNora Arnezeder
08 May 1989

Patrick BruelPatrick Bruel
14 May 1959

Marie LaforêtMarie Laforêt
05 October 1939

Bilal HassaniBilal Hassani
09 September 1999
Edith PiafEdith Piaf
19 December 1915
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Patricia KaasPatricia Kaas
05 December 1966

Anna HeldAnna Held
08 March 1872
Actress, Singer

Gilbert BecaudGilbert Becaud
24 October 1927
Christine and the QueensChristine and the Queens
01 June 1988

Isabelle AdjaniIsabelle Adjani
27 June 1955
Film actor, Stage actor, Singer
Lambert WilsonLambert Wilson
03 August 1958
Actor, Singer

17 January 1933
Actor, Film actor, Singer, Musician, Model

Thomas BangalterThomas Bangalter
03 January 1975
Disc jockey, Singer, Guitarist, Director,
M. PokoraM. Pokora
26 September 1985
Composer, Singer

Jeanne MoreauJeanne Moreau
23 January 1928
Film actor, Film director, Singer, Screenwriter,
Manu ChaoManu Chao
21 June 1961
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer,

Françoise HardyFrançoise Hardy
17 January 1944
actor, singer-songwriter, musician, astrologer

Fab MorvanFab Morvan
14 May 1966
Model, Singer, Dancer, Songwriter
Anna KarinaAnna Karina
22 September 1940
Actor, Singer, Film director, Novelist,

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Yves MontandYves Montand
13 October 1921
Film actor, Actor, Chansonnier, Singer,
Amanda LearAmanda Lear
18 November 1946
Painter, Singer, Actor, Model, Composer

France GallFrance Gall
09 October 1947

Johnny HallydayJohnny Hallyday
15 June 1943
Singer, Actor, Composer

Lolo FerrariLolo Ferrari
09 February 1963
Film actor, Adult Film Star, Television presenter,
Sara DallinSara Dallin
17 December 1961
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Joe DassinJoe Dassin
07 November 1938

Sébastien LoebSébastien Loeb
26 February 1974
Rally driver

Yannick NoahYannick Noah
18 May 1960
Tennis player, Singer, Tennis coach

Lou DoillonLou Doillon
04 September 1982
Actor, Model, Singer
Lili DamitaLili Damita
10 July 1904
Actor, Singer

Valeria Bruni TedeschiValeria Bruni Tedeschi
16 November 1964
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Singer

Mireille MathieuMireille Mathieu
22 July 1946
Singer, Entertainer, Actor

Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
12 September 1961
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,

29 April 1974
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Michel LegrandMichel Legrand
24 February 1932
Conductor, Composer, Actor, Singer, Pianist, Music

09 December 1976
Rapper, Singer
Claude FrançoisClaude François
01 February 1939
Singer, Music executive, Composer, Songwriter

Natalie DessayNatalie Dessay
19 April 1965
Singer, Opera singer

17 September 1982
Bertrand CantatBertrand Cantat
05 March 1964
Singer, Guitarist, Lyricist, Singer-songwriter,

Matthieu ChedidMatthieu Chedid
21 December 1971
Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Songwriter
Sacha DistelSacha Distel
29 January 1933
Songwriter, Singer

Sylvie VartanSylvie Vartan
15 August 1944
Singer, Actor

Boris VianBoris Vian
10 March 1920
Polymath, Singer, Poet, Trumpeter, Lyricist,

Caterina ValenteCaterina Valente
14 January 1931
Actor, Singer, Guitarist

Jean GabinJean Gabin
17 May 1904
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Screenwriter
Roberto AlagnaRoberto Alagna
07 June 1963
Street artist, Opera singer, Singer

Victoria LegrandVictoria Legrand
28 May 1981

Enrico MaciasEnrico Macias
11 December 1938
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Marc LavoineMarc Lavoine
06 August 1962
Actor, Singer
Elsa LunghiniElsa Lunghini
20 May 1973
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Jacques DutroncJacques Dutronc
28 April 1943
Film actor, Actor, Singer
Martin SolveigMartin Solveig
22 September 1976
Disc jockey, Singer, Composer

Jean-Jacques GoldmanJean-Jacques Goldman
11 October 1951
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Pianist, Singer,

Georges BrassensGeorges Brassens
22 October 1921
Charles TrenetCharles Trenet
18 May 1913
Composer, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter

MC SolaarMC Solaar
05 March 1969
Rapper, Singer
Danielle DarrieuxDanielle Darrieux
01 May 1917
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor

Mike BrantMike Brant
01 February 1947

Sébastien IzambardSébastien Izambard
07 March 1973
Singer, Pianist, Record producer, Composer
Florent PagnyFlorent Pagny
06 November 1961
Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Amel BentAmel Bent
21 June 1985
Actor, Singer
Feodor ChaliapinFeodor Chaliapin
13 February 1873
Russian opera singer

25 December 1952

Lily PonsLily Pons
12 April 1898
American-French operatic soprano

Georges MoustakiGeorges Moustaki
03 May 1934
Jean-Baptiste MaunierJean-Baptiste Maunier
22 December 1990
Actor, Film actor, Singer, Model
Ana TijouxAna Tijoux
12 June 1977
Singer, Songwriter

01 August 1982
Rapper, Singer, Songwriter

Clara MorganeClara Morgane
25 January 1981
Adult Film Star, Television presenter,

Michel BergerMichel Berger
28 November 1947
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Composer,
Philippe JarousskyPhilippe Jaroussky
13 February 1978
Singer, Opera singer

Catherine RingerCatherine Ringer
18 October 1957
Adult Film Star, Singer-songwriter, Film actor

04 April 1875
actor, singer

Marina VladyMarina Vlady
10 May 1938
Actor, Singer, Writer

15 May 1898
Grégory LemarchalGrégory Lemarchal
13 May 1983

Keren AnnKeren Ann
10 March 1974
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Engineer, Singer, Audio
Alain BashungAlain Bashung
01 December 1947

27 October 1967
Actor, Film actor
Jérémy ChatelainJérémy Chatelain
19 October 1984
Nolwenn LeroyNolwenn Leroy
28 September 1982
Singer, Songwriter