France follows a unitary semi-presidential republic kind of governance. The constitution of the Fifth Republic was approved on September 1958 according to which the President of the Republic is the head of the state who is elected by direct elections for a term of five years. The Prime Minister on the other hand is the head of the government and the council of ministers. As per the French constitution, he is appointed by the public-appointed President. The Prime Minister of France was originally referred to as the President of the Council of Ministers during the Third and Fourth Republic. The role of the French Prime Minister is largely administrative – he is involved in the decision-making and policymaking of the government along with his cabinet. He determines the conduct and policy of the nation and is directly responsible for the actions of the government. Michel Debre was the first Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic. His term in office lasted from 1959 until 1962. In the short history of the Fifth Republic, France has had numerous ‘unelected’ prime ministers like Georges Pompidou, Raymond Barre and Dominique de Villepin. Manuel Valls is the incumbent prime minister of France, his term commenced from March 31, 2014. With this segment, know more about famous French prime ministers.
Philippe PétainPhilippe Pétain
24 April 1856
Marshal of France
Jacques ChiracJacques Chirac
29 November 1932
Former President of France

Georges PompidouGeorges Pompidou
05 July 1911
Former Prime Minister & President of France

Léon BlumLéon Blum
09 April 1872
Former Prime Minister of France

Aristide BriandAristide Briand
28 March 1862
Prime Minister

Dominique de VillepinDominique de Villepin
14 November 1953
Former Prime Minister of France
Georges BidaultGeorges Bidault
05 October 1899
French Politician

Michel Jean-Pierre DebreMichel Debré
15 January 1912
149th Prime Minister of France

Raymond Octave Joseph BarreRaymond Barre
12 April 1924
Former Prime Minister of France
Léon BourgeoisLéon Bourgeois
21 May 1851
French Statesman

Georges ClemenceauGeorges Clémenceau
28 September 1841
Former French Prime Minister
Alain JuppéAlain Juppé
15 August 1945
Former Prime Minister of France

Pierre Mendès FrancePierre Mendès France
11 January 1907

Pierre BérégovoyPierre Bérégovoy
23 December 1925
Former Prime Minister of France

Albert, 4th duc de BroglieAlbert, 4th duc de Broglie
13 June 1821

Michel RocardMichel Rocard
23 August 1930
Politician, Prime Minister
Édouard HerriotÉdouard Herriot
05 July 1872

Jacques Chaban-DelmasJacques Chaban-Delmas
07 March 1915
Politician, Prime Minister

Paul PainlevéPaul Painlevé
05 December 1863

Pierre MauroyPierre Mauroy
05 July 1928
Former Prime Minister of France
Antoine PinayAntoine Pinay
30 December 1891

Camille ChautempsCamille Chautemps
01 February 1885
Joseph CaillauxJoseph Caillaux
30 March 1863

Jean-Luc DehaeneJean-Luc Dehaene
07 August 1940
Prime Minister

Alexandre RibotAlexandre Ribot
07 February 1842
Albert SarrautAlbert Sarraut
28 July 1872

Maurice Couve de MurvilleMaurice Couve de Murville
24 January 1907
René PlevenRené Pleven
15 April 1901

René VivianiRené Viviani
08 November 1863

Émile OllivierÉmile Ollivier
02 July 1825
André TardieuAndré Tardieu
22 September 1876

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Pierre WernerPierre Werner
29 December 1913
Paul RamadierPaul Ramadier
17 March 1888

Émile CombesÉmile Combes
06 September 1835

Casimir Pierre PérierCasimir Pierre Périer
11 October 1777

Élie, duc DecazesÉlie, duc Decazes
28 September 1780
Charles de FreycinetCharles de Freycinet
14 November 1828
Charles RogierCharles Rogier
16 August 1800

Maurice RouvierMaurice Rouvier
17 April 1842

Charles DupuyCharles Dupuy
05 November 1851

William WaddingtonWilliam Waddington
11 December 1826
Henri BrissonHenri Brisson
31 July 1835

René Waldeck-RousseauRené Waldeck-Rousseau
02 December 1846