Famous People From France
What does a perfect evening seem like – a bottle of finest wine, a cuddling couch, a DVD of a super successful film and some popcorn to pop up the mood, isn’t it? Cinema was, has and shall be the greatest source of entertainment for humans. While every country today has its own film industry, there are few that have gained worldwide attention and French cinema is one of them. Renowned world over for its meticulous art of film making, French film industry has given the world a plethora of films that have been legendary in content and cinematography. And we have but French directors to thank for it. Interestingly, French directors have rolled out films in various genres, right from fabled tales to love stories, historic period films to sci-fi variants to suit the needs of all. Though each of them have a different approach towards film-making, what intrinsically remains the same for all French filmmakers include exceptional artistic perspective, unerring commitment, deep passion, extensive understanding and a resolute determination. They forward a cinematic experience that transports viewers to a world dominated by creativity and vision. Some of the outstandingly talented and exceptionally gifted French directors who have put on big screen brilliant French movies through their meticulous hard work and effort include Xavier Beauvois, Jacques Audiard, Rene Clement, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Jean Renoir, Alain Resnais, Robert Bresson, Francois Truffaut and so on. Browse through this segment and know about famous French directors.
Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski
18 August 1933
French-Polish Film Director
Mélanie LaurentMélanie Laurent
21 February 1983
Actress, Director

Jean-Luc GodardJean-Luc Godard
03 December 1930
Film Director

Sophie MarceauSophie Marceau
17 November 1966
Actress, Screenwriter, Director

Roger VadimRoger Vadim
26 January 1928

Jean CocteauJean Cocteau
05 July 1889
Novelist, Poet, Artist & Filmmaker
Marjane Satrapi Marjane Satrapi
22 November 1969
Graphic Novelist

Romain GaryRomain Gary
21 May 1914

Samuel BenchetritSamuel Benchetrit
26 June 1973

Jean RenoirJean Renoir
15 September 1894
Film Director, Actor, Producer
Lizzie BrocheréLizzie Brocheré
22 March 1985

Anatole LitvakAnatole Litvak
21 May 1902
Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Costa GavrasCosta Gavras
12 February 1933
Film Director

Vanessa VadimVanessa Vadim
28 September 1968
Film Director, Daughter of Jane Fonda

Luc BessonLuc Besson
18 March 1959
Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Actor,
Damien ChazelleDamien Chazelle
19 January 1985

Hiam AbbassHiam Abbass
30 November 1960
Actor, Film director, Photographer, Screenwriter,
Thomas BangalterThomas Bangalter
03 January 1975
Disc jockey, Singer, Guitarist, Director,

François TruffautFrançois Truffaut
06 February 1932
Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor, Film

Frank DarabontFrank Darabont
28 January 1959
Film director
Georges MélièsGeorges Méliès
08 December 1861
Actor, Film director, Animator, Film editor,

Greg LanskyGreg Lansky
12 December 1982
Emir KusturicaEmir Kusturica
24 November 1954
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Louis MalleLouis Malle
30 October 1932
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Camera

Michel GondryMichel Gondry
08 May 1963
Film director, Screenwriter

Claire DenisClaire Denis
21 April 1946
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, University
Cecilia PeckCecilia Peck
01 May 1958
Film producer
Mathieu KassovitzMathieu Kassovitz
03 August 1967
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Robert BressonRobert Bresson
25 September 1901
Film director

Jean-Pierre JeunetJean-Pierre Jeunet
03 September 1953
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Film

Jacques TatiJacques Tati
09 October 1907
Film actor, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter,
Marc DorcelMarc Dorcel
27 March 1934
film producer, film director

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Alexandre AjaAlexandre Aja
07 August 1977
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director

Ariane LabedAriane Labed
08 May 1984

Leos CaraxLeos Carax
22 November 1960
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Critic

Abdellatif KechicheAbdellatif Kechiche
07 December 1960
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director
Olivier AssayasOlivier Assayas
25 January 1955
Screenwriter, Film director, Film critic, Writer

12 February 1933
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor
Alain ResnaisAlain Resnais
03 June 1922
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor,

Erich von StroheimErich von Stroheim
22 September 1885
American-Austrian director

Jacques DemyJacques Demy
05 June 1931
Film director, Screenwriter, Dialogue writer,
Chris MarkerChris Marker
29 July 1921
Film producer, Film critic, Film director,

François SagatFrançois Sagat
05 June 1979
Adult Film Star, Director, Model
Jean-Pierre MelvilleJean-Pierre Melville
20 October 1917
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Jean-Jacques AnnaudJean-Jacques Annaud
01 October 1943
Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter

François OzonFrançois Ozon
15 November 1967
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Film

Claude ChabrolClaude Chabrol
24 June 1930
Film director, Film actor, Press agent,

Mireille DarcMireille Darc
15 May 1938
Actor, Model, Director
Claude LelouchClaude Lelouch
30 October 1937
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor,

Claude LanzmannClaude Lanzmann
27 November 1925
Journalist, Writer, Film director, Screenwriter

Jacques AudiardJacques Audiard
30 April 1952
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor

Philippe GarrelPhilippe Garrel
06 April 1948
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,
Catherine BreillatCatherine Breillat
13 July 1948
Film director, Actor, Writer, Novelist,

Pierre CoffinPierre Coffin
15 March 1967
Voice actor
Alice Guy-BlachéAlice Guy-Blaché
01 July 1873
Film producer, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Michel HazanaviciusMichel Hazanavicius
29 March 1967
Film director

Jacques DoillonJacques Doillon
15 March 1944
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Television
Delphine SeyrigDelphine Seyrig
10 April 1932

Barbet SchroederBarbet Schroeder
26 August 1941
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Jacques RivetteJacques Rivette
01 March 1928
Film director, Screenwriter, Film critic,

Jean-Hugues AngladeJean-Hugues Anglade
29 July 1955
Actor, Screenwriter, Director

Jacques TourneurJacques Tourneur
12 November 1904
Film director, Film editor
Max OphülsMax Ophüls
06 May 1902
Film Director

Bruno DumontBruno Dumont
14 March 1958
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor, Teacher
René ClairRené Clair
11 November 1898
Screenwriter, Actor, Film director, Film producer,

Pierre MorelPierre Morel
12 May 1964
Cinematographer, Film director

Abel GanceAbel Gance
25 October 1889
Screenwriter, Actor, Film director, Film producer,

Pascal LaugierPascal Laugier
16 October 1971
Screenwriter, Film director
04 July 1957
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor, Visual
Patrice ChéreauPatrice Chéreau
02 November 1944
Opera Director

Sylvain ChometSylvain Chomet
10 November 1963
Draftsperson, Cartoonist, Film director,

Marcel CarnéMarcel Carné
18 August 1906
Film Director

Jean VigoJean Vigo
26 April 1905
Film director, Film editor, Screenwriter
Jean RouchJean Rouch
31 May 1917
Anthropologist, Film director, Screenwriter

Philippe de BrocaPhilippe de Broca
15 March 1933
Film director, Screenwriter

Louis JouvetLouis Jouvet
24 December 1887

Christophe GansChristophe Gans
11 March 1960
Film director, Screenwriter, Film critic

Jeannot SzwarcJeannot Szwarc
21 November 1937
film director
Romain GavrasRomain Gavras
04 July 1981
Actor, Film director

René ClémentRené Clément
18 March 1913
Film Director
Claude BerriClaude Berri
01 July 1934
French film director

Jean RollinJean Rollin
03 November 1938
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer

Bertrand TavernierBertrand Tavernier
25 April 1941
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,
Marcel CamusMarcel Camus
21 April 1912
Film Director

Stéphane SednaouiStéphane Sednaoui
27 February 1963
Photographer, Photojournalist
Jean-Daniel CadinotJean-Daniel Cadinot
10 February 1944
Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Maurice PialatMaurice Pialat
31 August 1925
Film Director

Henri LangloisHenri Langlois
13 November 1914
Civil servant, Archivist

Agnes VardaAgnes Varda
30 May 1928
17 April 1976

Anissa KateAnissa Kate
07 May 1987
Adult Film Stars
Éric RohmerÉric Rohmer
21 March 1920
French film director