Canada is a democratic country governed by a three tier government. At the grass root level there are municipal governments, then there are provincial and territorial governments at tier 2 and at the highest tier is the federal government. Though the monarch is the head of the state, the Members of Parliament belonging to various political parties are involved in the law-making. The Prime Minister is the head of Government in the country. The country has seen some of the greatest political leaders who have contributed to the development and well-being of their subjects. William Aberhart played an instrumental part in reviving the economy from the Great Depression with his statist economic theories. The contributions of George-Etienne Cartier in uniting the French and English Canadians and that of Amor DeCosmos in influencing the merger of British Columbian province with Canada is etched in the history of the nation. The political history of Canada is incomplete without the mention of Thomas D’Arcy Etienne Hughes McGee, who is the only political leader of the country to be assassinated. Other notable political leaders of the country include the likes of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Nobel Peace Prize winning Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson. Here we present to you a collection of biographies of some of the most famous Canadian political leaders. Read on to know more about their lives, timeline and achievements. Here, you will also find some interesting facts and trivia about these personalities.
Justin TrudeauJustin Trudeau
25 December 1971
Prime Minister
Pierre TrudeauPierre Trudeau
18 October 1919
15th Prime Minister of Canada

Doug FordDoug Ford
20 November 1964
Businessman, Politician

Rob FordRob Ford
28 May 1969
Former Mayor of Toronto

Jagmeet SinghJagmeet Singh
02 January 1979
Political Leader

Chrystia FreelandChrystia Freeland
02 August 1968
Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
Louis RielLouis Riel
22 October 1844

Jean ChretienJean Chrétien
11 January 1934
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat

Tommy DouglasTommy Douglas
20 October 1904
Former Canadian Politician & Baptist Minister
Joe ClarkJoe Clark
05 June 1939
Former Prime Minister of Canada

John ToryJohn Tory
28 May 1954
Mayor of Toronto
Lester B. PearsonLester B. Pearson
23 April 1897
14th Prime Minister of Canada

John DiefenbakerJohn Diefenbaker
18 September 1895
Former Prime Minister of Canada

John TurnerJohn Turner
07 June 1929
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Agnes MacphailAgnes Macphail
24 March 1890
Canadian Politician

Stephen LewisStephen Lewis
11 November 1937
Politician, Broadcaster and Diplomat
Tony ClementTony Clement
27 January 1961
Member of the Canadian House of Commons

Paul Martin, SrPaul Martin, Sr
23 June 1903
Father of Medicare.

Brian MulroneyBrian Mulroney
20 March 1939
Politician, Prime Minister

Peter MacKayPeter MacKay
27 September 1965
Lawyer, Politician, Diplomat, Rugby union player
Andrew ScheerAndrew Scheer
20 May 1979

Kim CampbellKim Campbell
10 March 1947
19th Prime Minister of Canada
William Lyon Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King
17 December 1874
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Jason KenneyJason Kenney
30 May 1968

Pierre PoilievrePierre Poilievre
03 June 1979
Paul MartinPaul Martin
28 August 1938
Politician, Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Bob RaeBob Rae
02 August 1948
Politician, Lawyer
Roméo DallaireRoméo Dallaire
25 June 1946
Politician, Autobiographer, Writer, Military

Paul HellyerPaul Hellyer
06 August 1923
Politician, Ufologist, Writer

Maxime BernierMaxime Bernier
18 January 1963
Jack LaytonJack Layton
18 July 1950
Politician, University teacher, Political

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Ezra LevantEzra Levant
19 February 1972
John AbbottJohn Abbott
12 March 1821
Politician, Lawyer

David JohnstonDavid Johnston
28 June 1941
Diplomat, Academic, University teacher, Lawyer

Michael IgnatieffMichael Ignatieff
12 May 1947
Journalist, Historian, Politician, Novelist,

Mike HarrisMike Harris
23 January 1945
Elizabeth MayElizabeth May
09 June 1954
Writer, Politician, Journalist, Lawyer
Stockwell DayStockwell Day
16 August 1950

Erik NielsenErik Nielsen
24 February 1924
Lawyer, Politician

Robert BordenRobert Borden
26 June 1854

Adrienne ClarksonAdrienne Clarkson
10 February 1939
26th Governor General of Canada
Rona AmbroseRona Ambrose
15 March 1969

Bonnie CrombieBonnie Crombie
05 February 1960

Doug Ford Sr.Doug Ford Sr.
27 February 1933

Kathleen WynneKathleen Wynne
21 May 1953

William Lyon MackenzieWilliam Lyon Mackenzie
12 March 1795
Maurice DuplessisMaurice Duplessis
20 April 1890

R. B. BennettR. B. Bennett
03 July 1870
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Belinda StronachBelinda Stronach
02 May 1966
Politician, Businesswoman, Philanthropist

Pierre LaportePierre Laporte
25 February 1921
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

Hazel McCallionHazel McCallion
14 February 1921
Ice hockey player, Politician
Jim FlahertyJim Flaherty
30 December 1949
Lawyer, Politician

Nellie McClungNellie McClung
20 October 1873
Novelist, Writer, Politician, Human rights
James McGillJames McGill
06 October 1744

Lucien BouchardLucien Bouchard
22 December 1938

Charles TupperCharles Tupper
02 July 1821

Navdeep BainsNavdeep Bains
16 June 1977

Arthur MeighenArthur Meighen
16 June 1874
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Christy ClarkChristy Clark
29 October 1965
Politician, Radio personality

Dalton McGuintyDalton McGuinty
19 July 1955
Politician, Lawyer

Jean CharestJean Charest
24 June 1958
Politician, Lawyer

Adrien ArcandAdrien Arcand
03 October 1899
Journalist, Politician
Stéphane DionStéphane Dion
28 September 1955
Politician, Sociologist, Academic, Writer,

Brad WallBrad Wall
24 November 1965
Politician, Entrepreneur
Thomas D'Arcy McGeeThomas D'Arcy McGee
13 April 1825

Ralph KleinRalph Klein
01 November 1942
Politician, News presenter, Journalist,

Marc EmeryMarc Emery
13 February 1958
Preston ManningPreston Manning
10 June 1942

Robert BourassaRobert Bourassa
14 July 1933
Politician, Lawyer, Non-fiction writer, Economist
John Sparrow David ThompsonJohn Sparrow David Thompson
10 November 1845
Politician, Lawyer

Jeanne SauvéJeanne Sauvé
26 April 1922

Mackenzie BowellMackenzie Bowell
27 December 1823
Ujjal DosanjhUjjal Dosanjh
09 September 1947
Politician, Lawyer

Philippe CouillardPhilippe Couillard
26 June 1957
Neurosurgeon, Politician
George-Étienne CartierGeorge-Étienne Cartier
06 September 1814
Politician, Lawyer

Sheila CoppsSheila Copps
27 November 1952
Journalist, Politician, Autobiographer, Writer

Olivia ChowOlivia Chow
24 March 1957

Alison RedfordAlison Redford
07 March 1965
Jacques ParizeauJacques Parizeau
09 August 1930
Politician, Economist
Ralph GoodaleRalph Goodale
05 October 1949
Lawyer, Politician

William AberhartWilliam Aberhart
30 December 1878

Pauline MaroisPauline Marois
29 March 1949

Jim PrenticeJim Prentice
20 July 1956
Lawyer, Politician
Jean LesageJean Lesage
10 June 1912

Peter LougheedPeter Lougheed
26 July 1928
Politician, Lawyer

Anne McLellanAnne McLellan
31 August 1950
Lawyer, Politician

Kirsty DuncanKirsty Duncan
31 October 1966

Georges VanierGeorges Vanier
23 April 1888
Diplomat, Military personnel
Carolyn BennettCarolyn Bennett
20 December 1950
Politician, Physician

Lisa RaittLisa Raitt
07 May 1968
Louis-Joseph PapineauLouis-Joseph Papineau
07 October 1786

Brian JeanBrian Jean
03 February 1963
Lawyer, Politician
Roméo LeBlancRoméo LeBlanc
18 December 1927
Politician, Journalist
Gordon CampbellGordon Campbell
12 January 1948
Politician, Diplomat