You must have heard about people working as human rights activists, animal activists, environmental activists, women rights activists and so on in your society today but before you take a leap further and know more about them, it is crucial to understand who activists truly are. They are the people who campaign for a change, be it political, social, environmental or economical through protests, marches and remonstrations. With the rising awareness about the society, more and more people are turning to become activists. They strongly stand by their line of belief and are influential in executing changes that the society demands. Even the top countries of the world do not have everything that goes right. They too have some political or social causes that demand change and it is here where activists step in. Canada may seem to be an emerging world power but the country suffers from its own crisis and societal, political or environmental problems that needs attention. Canadian activists have worked in various spheres and taken much effort to promote, impede or direct change to make improvement and correct social injustice. Check this segment and find out more about famous Canadian activists.
Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
01 July 1967
American-Canadian Actress
Margaret AtwoodMargaret Atwood
18 November 1939
Writer, Environmental Activist

Maryse OuelletMaryse Ouellet
21 January 1983

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang
02 November 1961
Singer, Songwriter

11 November 1968

Naomi KleinNaomi Klein
08 May 1970
David SuzukiDavid Suzuki
24 March 1936
Academic, Enviromental Activist

Emily MurphyEmily Murphy
14 March 1868
First Female Magistrate in Canada

Viola DesmondViola Desmond
06 July 1914
Jane JacobsJane Jacobs
04 May 1916
Journalist, Author, Activist

Craig KielburgerCraig Kielburger
17 December 1982
Canadian Author
Molly BurkeMolly Burke
08 February 1994
Activist, Motivational Speaker

Christina EvangelineChristina Evangeline
24 March 1989
Kenan Thompson's Wife

Maggie McGuaneMaggie McGuane
28 October 1976
Margot Kidder's Daughter

Matte BabelMatte Babel
13 October 1980
TV Host

Mary Ann Shadd CaryMary Ann Shadd
09 October 1823
Lauren SouthernLauren Southern
16 June 1995
Political Activist

Rupi KaurRupi Kaur
04 October 1992

Enrico ColantoniEnrico Colantoni
14 February 1963

Alissa White-GluzAlissa White-Gluz
31 July 1985
Amanda BrugelAmanda Brugel
24 March 1978

30 May 1978
Farley MowatFarley Mowat
12 May 1921

Severn Cullis-SuzukiSevern Cullis-Suzuki
30 November 1979
Television presenter, Writer

Anna Mae AquashAnna Mae Aquash
27 March 1945
Nellie McClungNellie McClung
20 October 1873
Novelist, Writer, Politician, Human rights

Marc EmeryMarc Emery
13 February 1958
Irwin CotlerIrwin Cotler
08 May 1940
Lawyer, Politician, Human rights activist,

Henri BourassaHenri Bourassa
01 September 1868

Maziar BahariMaziar Bahari
25 May 1967
Film director, Journalist, Human rights activist
Robert HunterRobert Hunter
13 October 1941

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Judith MerrilJudith Merril
21 January 1923
Fiction Writer
Laura SabiaLaura Sabia
18 September 1916
Social Activist

June CallwoodJune Callwood
02 June 1924

Pauline JulienPauline Julien
23 May 1928

Blair LongleyBlair Longley
25 September 1950
Megan LeslieMegan Leslie
29 September 1973
Politician, Human rights activist
David Fraser McTaggartDavid Fraser McTaggart
24 June 1932

Patrick MoorePatrick Moore
15 June 1947

Jim BohlenJim Bohlen
04 July 1926

Emmett Matthew HallEmmett Matthew Hall
29 November 1898
Tamo CamposTamo Campos

Ben MetcalfeBen Metcalfe
31 October 1919

Annie Le Porte DiggsAnnie Le Porte Diggs
22 February 1853

Henry EnnsHenry Enns
29 May 1943
Canadian activist