Throughout history, there have been many British women poets who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great British female poets such as Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Anne Bradstreet.
George EliotGeorge Eliot
22 November 1819, British
Author and Novelist
Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30 July 1818, British

Elizabeth Barrett BrowningElizabeth Barrett Browning
06 March 1806, British

Carol Ann DuffyCarol Ann Duffy
23 December 1955, British

Aphra BehnAphra Behn
10 July 1640, British

Anne BradstreetAnne Bradstreet
20 March 1612, British
Caroline NortonCaroline Norton
22 March 1808, British

Charlotte BronteCharlotte Bronte
21 April 1816, British

Amy LevyAmy Levy
10 November 1861, British
Poet, Novelist, Essayist

Vera BrittainVera Brittain
29 December 1893, British
Nurse, Writer, Poet, Novelist, Feminist, Pacifist,
Christina RossettiChristina Rossetti
05 December 1830, British
Poet, Writer, Hymnwriter

Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers
13 June 1893, British
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,
Frieda HughesFrieda Hughes
01 April 1960, British
Painter, Poet, Writer, Children's writer

Lady Caroline LambLady Caroline Lamb
13 November 1785, British
Poet, Writer, Novelist

Emilia LanierEmilia Lanier
1569 AD, British
writer, poet
Diana VickersDiana Vickers
30 July 1991, British
Singer, Poet, Singer-songwriter, Stage actor, Film

Elizabeth SiddalElizabeth Siddal
25 July 1829, British
Painter, Poet, Art model, Visual artist, Model
Anne AskewAnne Askew
1521 AD, British

Stevie SmithStevie Smith
20 September 1902, British
Poet, Illustrator, Novelist, Performer, Writer

Hannah MoreHannah More
02 February 1745, British
Writer, Poet, Essayist
Mary AstellMary Astell
12 November 1666, British
Writer, Philosopher, Feminist

Anna SewardAnna Seward
12 December 1747, British
Writer, Poet, Literary critic
Adelaide Anne ProcterAdelaide Anne Procter
30 October 1825, British
Writer, Poet

Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of BlessingtonMarguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
01 September 1789, British
Poet, Writer

Adela Florence NicolsonAdela Florence Nicolson
09 April 1865, Indian, British
Poet, Author, Writer

Eliza CookEliza Cook
24 December 1818, British
Journalist, Poet, Editor
Anna WickhamAnna Wickham
1884 AD, British
Anne GrantAnne Grant
21 February 1755, British
Poet, Historian

Christina Georgina RossettiChristina Georgina Rossetti
05 December 1830, British

Anna Letitia BarbauldAnna Letitia Barbauld
20 June 1743, Liechtensteiner, British