Throughout history, there have been many British women fashion designers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great British female fashion designers such as Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Mary Quant, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Kelly Osbourne.
Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham
17 April 1974, British
Singer, Businesswoman, Model, Fashion Designer
Georgina ChapmanGeorgina Chapman
14 April 1976, British
Fashion Designer

Stella McCartneyStella McCartney
13 September 1971, British
Fashion Designer

Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
31 January 1981, British

Pearl LowePearl Lowe
07 April 1970, British
Singer, Fashion Designer

Vanessa AngelVanessa Angel
10 November 1966, British
Mary QuantMary Quant
11 February 1934, British
Fashion Designer

Rina LipaRina Lipa
14 May 2001, British

Dame Vivienne WestwoodDame Vivienne Westwood
08 April 1941, British
British fashion designer
Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne
27 October 1984, British
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Fashion designer,

Mischa Anne Marsden BartonMischa Barton
24 January 1986, Irish, British, American
Zandra RhodesZandra Rhodes
19 September 1940, British

Sadie FrostSadie Frost
19 June 1965, British

Kelly HoppenKelly Hoppen
30 June 1959, British
interior designer, author

Aisleyne Horgan-WallaceAisleyne Horgan-Wallace
28 December 1978, British
Model, Fashion designer, Actor, Columnist,

Charlotte RonsonCharlotte Ronson
07 August 1977, British
Fashion designer
Petra StuntPetra Stunt
17 December 1988, British

Lucy, Lady Duff-GordonLucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
13 June 1863, British
Costume designer

Sarah BurtonSarah Burton
01 January 1974, British
Fashion designer

Sade AduSade Adu
16 January 1959, Nigerian, British
Phoebe PhiloPhoebe Philo
01 January 1973, British
Fashion designer

Tamara MellonTamara Mellon
07 July 1967, British
Fashion designer
Carole HerseeCarole Hersee
25 November 1958, British
Costume designer

Loulou de la FalaiseLoulou de la Falaise
04 May 1947, British
jeweller, model

Katharine HamnettKatharine Hamnett
16 August 1947, British
Fashion designer
Bella FreudBella Freud
17 April 1961, British
Fashion designer

Jean MuirJean Muir
17 July 1928, British
Fashion designer
Thea PorterThea Porter
24 December 1927, British

Pat McDonaghPat McDonagh
17 March 1934, British
Fashion designer

Sandy PowellSandy Powell
07 April 1960, British
costume designer
Lee StarkeyLee Starkey
11 November 1970, British