Popularly called as the ‘Binghamton University’, the ‘State University of New York at Binghamton’ is one of the most sought after universities in the world. With campuses in Vestal and Binghamton, New York, United States and a place that close to 17,000 students call home, the Binghamton University is a dream university for millions of students around the world. As per a survey conducted by the U.S. News & World Report in 2017, this institution was ranked as the 86th among ‘America's Best Colleges and Universities ranking’. Even the, ‘Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’ has acknowledged it as the university with exceptionally excellent research activity. With over 16,887 students in this institution, the Binghamton University tops the list of one of the most sought after institutions to graduate from. Every year thousands of students graduate from this institution making a name for themselves in the world along with upholding the name of the institution. Some of the most notable alumni of the Binghamton University are the famous academician Deborah Tannen, the legendary sportswriter, Tony Kornheiser and the mind-blowingly handsome actor, William Baldwin among the many others who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields. They have not only set higher standards for the upcoming graduating batches but also created a high benchmark in the field of their career. This list of notable Binghamton University alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame. We are quite certain that you will be surprised by some of the notable Binghamton University alumni who made it to this list.
Sunny HostinSunny Hostin

20 October 1968


Camille PagliaCamille Paglia
(Cultural critic)

02 April 1947



25 May 1977


Art SpiegelmanArt Spiegelman
(Cartoonist, Writer, Editor, Educator)

15 February 1948


Tony KornheiserTony Kornheiser
(Color commentator, Journalist)

13 July 1948